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  1. wild man mike

    400sm question

    hello i put on the open muzzy ,slip on and it sounds and runs great but when i leave off the gas it really rumbles which i,m not complaining .i did not ride it long enough to see how the exhaust reisdue.looks,just to see a little how its burning. REPLY THANKS
  2. wild man mike

    400sm question

    tell me what else i need i,ve already have the muzzy.,? i live in hershey pa. were do you live ........thanks mike
  3. wild man mike

    400sm question

    hi i,m new to this area i was just wondering if anybody could help me with a quick questions i put on a muzzy slip on open core on a 2006 sm 400 at muzzy they said i don,t have to do any rejetting at all .what do you guys think .......thanks mike