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  1. Hello folks, long time reader first time poster here. Hoping someone can help me get my DRZ 400s plated and on the road:ride: Long story short, about 6 years ago I purchased my DRZ with a totaled title. The bike only had 200 miles on it and was in a garage fire. I replaces all the melted plastics, seat, all lights and wiring. Right before I was ready to start the paperwork to get it on the road I started dating my wife. Well, 2 kids and a house later I got the bug again and started looking into the paperwork. In PA, in order to send in the paperwork for a reconstructed title I not only need to send in pictures but I need to send in receipts for the replacement parts i purchased. This is my problem at the moment, I cannot find any of my receipts. Has anybody been successful obtaining the reconstruction title and regestration without the reciepts for parts or know of any way to come up with replacement reciepts? Please help, spring is coming and I need to ride again!