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  1. I had a 92, bought it brand new, I loved it, used to run hare scrambles and enduros with it, it never let me down, owned it for almost five years.
  2. When I had to remove some I drilled them out and re-riveted when I was done
  3. Nice video, makes me want to go out and get a Husky
  4. Glad your not my neighbor.
  5. Thanks alot, I will call him right away
  6. Just wondering if any one can recommend a dealer in the Greenville SC area, looking to get a WR450F, I am currently living in Myrtle Beach but I am moving to Mauldin SC next week, none of the dealers around MB have any on the floor, one said he could get one but wasn't budging on price, 6799.00 + 150.00 prep + 340.00 tax, I figure I should be able to do better than that! Also has anyone ever bought a bike through the TT store, the prices look good, just wondered how the transaction went. Thanks for the help.
  7. Nice videos, brings back memories, I moved from Barnegat NJ to Greenville SC about 2 years ago, it was getting real built up there when I left but there was still lots of places to ride, I have been bike-less since then , but I am getting one in the next two weeks, what I am getting is still up in the air, thought I had my mind made up but after reading through the forums I am more confused than ever! Where at in NJ was that at?
  8. 41 years old, started out on a Bultaco when I was 14, been addicted to the sport ever since, picking up my 06 WR450F in two weeks.