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  1. shelbydog

    95 Rmx250

    I had a 92, bought it brand new, I loved it, used to run hare scrambles and enduros with it, it never let me down, owned it for almost five years.
  2. shelbydog

    TE450 - I need to open up the muffler

    When I had to remove some I drilled them out and re-riveted when I was done
  3. shelbydog

    Enduro video

    Nice video, makes me want to go out and get a Husky
  4. shelbydog

    Burnout Clip

    Glad your not my neighbor.
  5. shelbydog

    Recommend A Dealer, Greenville SC

    Thanks alot, I will call him right away
  6. Just wondering if any one can recommend a dealer in the Greenville SC area, looking to get a WR450F, I am currently living in Myrtle Beach but I am moving to Mauldin SC next week, none of the dealers around MB have any on the floor, one said he could get one but wasn't budging on price, 6799.00 + 150.00 prep + 340.00 tax, I figure I should be able to do better than that! Also has anyone ever bought a bike through the TT store, the prices look good, just wondered how the transaction went. Thanks for the help.
  7. shelbydog

    KLX300R Videos from this weekend

    Nice videos, brings back memories, I moved from Barnegat NJ to Greenville SC about 2 years ago, it was getting real built up there when I left but there was still lots of places to ride, I have been bike-less since then , but I am getting one in the next two weeks, what I am getting is still up in the air, thought I had my mind made up but after reading through the forums I am more confused than ever! Where at in NJ was that at?
  8. 41 years old, started out on a Bultaco when I was 14, been addicted to the sport ever since, picking up my 06 WR450F in two weeks.