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    new to four strokes.....

    well that entire screw is missing so that may have alot to do with my problem . not that this matters now but my jets are 170 main and 45 pilot. but i guess i will install that screw and start again with the stock jets. someone was telling me that it is possible to get that adjustment screw so you can adjust it with your thoum instead of a screw driver?
  2. millermad

    new to four strokes.....

    i just bought a 04 450r I bought it with the carb off of it and after i put it toget her the bike would not idle unless the choke was on. i took the carb all apart and found nothing wrong, so i pulled the metering rod all the up and got to it idle with the choke off. i just rejetted it (the metering rod is still all the way up) and now it idles and starts fine, but if i throttle anything over idle it backfires out the exhaust. i have checked the valves and they are fine. i have never owned a 4 stroke and i am not sure what else to do.... also are is there any air fule adjustment screws on these bikes or just the idle screw?