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  1. This was my first event of this kind in over 20 years. Shoot this was my first time on an off road motorcycle in 20 years! I rode the dual sport event with a buddy and we had a blast. I would like to thank the gentleman (Brian I think?) that set up the DS course. I really enjoyed it and it was a better run event than anything I ever attended in my past. What I saw all weekend were a lot of people in orange jackets working hard to put on a safe, enjoyable event. We also experienced some mixed signals, but I think that was due to the sheer number of people who were there. Probably a larger crowd than they expected. All the Stumpjumpers members we spoke with were very polite; even when we were the idiots standing in the middle of the race course prior to Sundays start Sorry! A sincere thank you to the Stumpjumpers club for putting on this event and all the hardworking Stumpjumpers members who participated as staff. I think you did an outstanding job and I will be back next year.