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  1. partenr

    05 Beta 525RR

    Broke my ribs like an idiot! Time to give it up I guess.
  2. partenr

    Anyone riding Friday in WA?

    Looking to ride Capital Forest, Taneum, Tahuya or something. I got new stickers so I should be a little faster now...
  3. partenr

    Thanks to PARTENR

    And a great big thanks to Home Finance USA. It's a fact that we would NOT have bought a home without Home Finance's "can do" approach. I figured we'd be renting for another couple years. After some encouragement, we found a great deal on a home, but the seller needed it to happen fast. Home Finance really went to bat and put together loans faster than I know it could happen (just over 2 weeks). We are very grateful to Russ. Now I just have to dig all of my riding gear out of the 10 different boxes I've lost it in over the course of the move!
  4. partenr

    Wanna ride tomorrw, April 12th?

    Can I tag along w/someone tomorrow? Someone wanna tag w/me? I live around Issaquah and prefer to stay on the West side of WA. Intermediate rider. Decent bike. Crappy gear. Love to ride.
  5. partenr

    Ride in Western WA this week?

    roger that. Good luck.
  6. partenr

    Ride in Western WA this week?

    Hey there, Ya'll still planning on 9AM? Who or what would I look for and where? Thanks!!
  7. partenr

    Ride in Western WA this week?

    Thank you very much. I'll let you know if I can do.
  8. partenr

    Ride in Western WA this week?

    I can't ride on Saturday but I hope your new bike kicks Ba$$. Whatdja get?
  9. partenr

    Ride in Western WA this week?

    Thanks a ton Rollie. I'll give you a call on Wed. if I'll be heading up that way.
  10. partenr

    Ride in Western WA this week?

    Is there anyone who is riding or who'd like to ride somewhere in Western Washington Tues,Wed, Thurs, or Fri? I have to get some miles in before the weekend I'm an intermediate rider on a new bike.