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  1. yamahaYzDAWSON

    i need help

    can you get a auto decompression cam for a 2001 yz426
  2. yamahaYzDAWSON

    my 2001 426 wont start

    i cant get mine to run even though ive checked spark, timing, intake, exaust anything but i still cant even get it to turn over a few times i m thinking about also getting an auto decomp. cam but im not sure if i need it please help
  3. yamahaYzDAWSON

    Old Fart, YZ250F vs YZ450F

    well im 14 years old and im 6 feet tall and i have a yz250f and it takes me everywhere i go and it kicks ass on berms and jumps and makes a holeshot perfect this bike its great and i really think more people should chose this bike over many its also very light weight
  4. yamahaYzDAWSON

    Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F

    ihave a yz250f and it wont idle do you have any tips