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  1. starasoris

    Budd's Creek Torrent?

    Thanks. That is good.
  2. starasoris

    Budd's Creek Torrent?

    what do you use to play mp4s with? I only get sound.
  3. starasoris

    Do You Holler When You're Racing?

    That gate drop guy sure is eagle eyed. He has what they used to call in nam. The 300 yard stare. How did he see through the rest of the pack? Ahh, I know the guy. Someone Kent. Clark I think.
  4. starasoris

    Help! Arm Pump

    Something a little different that I do. I have suffered from arm pump many times and even bought one of Gary's videos which gave me some good ideas as well. I use a broom handle type of thing but thicker. Wrap something soft around the ends so they don't scratch the paint on your doors. Stand in a doorway and hold the bar across the opening and then lean back on it. Move your feet forward so to increase the weight on it and simply roll your hands back and forwards. try not to let the muscles get the pump too much. Every now and then slap the crap out of them and relax. You can also train your shoulders and other muscles by putting the bar a little lower and pulling yourself forward so that your solar plexus comes to the bar. Kind of like when you are excellerating out of a corner. Spin around the other way and do a kind of push up as well. WARNING. When try to pad the bar with something that will not slip. I have never really had this happen but I think it would be bad. Also note that there are several areas of arm pump. Inside forearm, Outside forearm and thumb area. Hope this helps someone. It is amazing how much fun can be had by a boy and his stick.
  5. A mate of mine actually has a photo of Reed working over Carmichael's rear spring with a set of bolt cutters. He planned the whole thing. The fact is, Being an Ausie, I am a huge Reed fan. He will never be one of the guys that fade into the "also ran" positions. I think that he is a bit of a victum of the 4 stroke "conspiracy" as I call it. The bikes have changed and the tracks have changed so there is some is some expectation that such a great 2 stroke rider may take time to adjust. I hate listening to a 4 banger go through the woops. It just doesn't sound right. More huge woops too. I have video of me and Chad on the same SX track but at different times from the end of 2004. The last couple of woops were three feet high. Even the Burner had some mishaps with them.
  6. starasoris

    Why do people BUY graphics? FLOWERS TOO?

    Getting good graphics is more important when you are racing because if you are sitting ont he line with 20 other dudes that all look the part and you are riding something that looks like a crapsickle, it messes with your head. In a sport where attitude and confidence are so important, it may mean holding it on just a bit more through the ruts to live up to your cool bike. My current set are the custom ones from my local shop (not the quickimart). Good advertising for them. I do think that the standard rear guard stickers are a bit of a wank with Dunlop, Bridgstone etc even if they are not sponsored by them. I won't use those ones. I make an exception where there is a great product I am proud to use like NOTOIL. Then I will happilly advertise. ON THE PODIUM: I'd like to thank Dunlop for letting me buy thier tyres, Thor for making good gear at a high price ....
  7. starasoris

    Look at this squid

    No I think it looks like the E3 1985 model cause of the shape of the seat. I had an E3 and after that they started looking a bit more space age (crap) The E3 had the hollow KX on the seat but I think the G1 had it filled in and the seat more tapered.
  8. Just as an alternative. I picked one of these up for about $200 US a week ago but have not had a chance to use it for my helmet cam yet. It records strait to AVI and has a 20 Gig hard disk. http://crave.cnet.co.uk/dvdpvr/0,39030701,39194561,00.htm