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  1. NaRLeyYZFthuMPER

    Strange noise from 06 CRF450

    How long did you let it idle
  2. NaRLeyYZFthuMPER

    How are the 2006 YZs?

    I have just bought a 2006 yz250f and it is bad ass!! It really has alot of power for a 250f. I actually got the 50th anniversary and its looks real slick.
  3. NaRLeyYZFthuMPER

    avNow running with the 06 YZ250F

    I recently bought a 06 yz 250f and it is bad!!!! I am so happy with it, I just traded in my KTM 125 sx that i had for two years and this 250f will crush it. I acctually got the 50th aniversary and it is sweet in yellow and black its pretty tough. I have trouble keeping it on one wheel because I only wieght 145 pounds! I have not taken it to the track yet but Im going to daytona supercross this weekend so I gotta go the next week to see how it really handles. Kenny
  4. NaRLeyYZFthuMPER

    Help!!!! How do you Change a Tire??

    i tried to do that same thing by my self but its real hard. so you no what i did i took it to a Yamaha shop and used a tire machine for 25 dollars. Hay its easier than taken that shit off yourself
  5. NaRLeyYZFthuMPER

    Old Fart, YZ250F vs YZ450F

    I just bought the new o6 yz250f two days ago a 50th anniversary and god does it haul ass!!!!! im only 155 pounds and it rocks me all day it never ever bogs down always has an intense power band and none the less is always on one wheel!!!!! Kenny from Georgia
  6. NaRLeyYZFthuMPER

    Old Fart, YZ250F vs YZ450F

    I have to tell you that purchising a new yzf250f is a good idea. Im not so much in your position but i recently traded in my ktm 125sx for a yzf250f like two days ago and I think it is bad ass. im only 17 and 155 pounds but i swar i dont know how anybody could ride a 450. i have been racing since I was 5 years old and have always rode 2-strokes, but now im never gonna ride a 2-stroke again. I bought then brand 2006 YZF250 50th annivesary and it is damn sweet. But one time i blew my top end at a track and one of my friends let me ride his yzf450 and it was to much for me so I tend to stick in the lites class. but definantly if you got balls i would buy the 2006 yzf450.