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  1. Dissident

    My daughters first SM trackday

    Do you ever bring THOSE to Grange??
  2. Dissident

    TE 510 Midpipe Burns

    wow, I wonder if all of that (cept the front disc protector) would fit on my smr450....
  3. Dissident

    What do you carry when trail riding?

    I just ride with MacGyver... Sounds like some of you are are him tho...
  4. Dissident

    How Important is a chest protector

    I haven't started riding dirt yet, but I crashed my street bike at 90+, and if it isn;t for my back protector, I wouldn't be walking. I had a nice line of purple bruises around the perimeter of it, where it had distributed the force of the impact(s). I can only image how my spine would have been otherwise... So, I'm all for full gear in any situation...
  5. Dissident

    Are we killing our own sport?

    What happens when EVERYWHERE is a ptotected area? I thought I heard something about a law in Cali limiting how many off-road vehicles you can have ON YOUR OWN PROPOERTY. Honeslty, I think overpopulation and hypersensitivity is killing EVERY sport like this... Too many people, too close together, and.. You can't have peanuts on an airplaine now because the peanut DUST might bother someone with an allergy (seriously), and now there's talk of banning peanuts in schools (http://www.slashfood.com/2006/05/16/opinion-first-sodas-now-peanuts-are-banned/) Anyway, this isn't a new problem. Look how hard it is to build a track for cars, which haven't gotten any louder (I don't think anyway).