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    Las Vegas Endurocross Track

    It was great but we won't go back as they started and ended way too late for us old folks; 9PM to after 11PM. Lots of people around us left before the main. The show was great but the organization wasn't. Too bad it could have been so much better with a few changes. My suggestion, start at 5 with qualifying for everyone, not just the pros and maybe take a short dinner break while showing last year on the big screen. The qualifying was a really good part that most missed as it was at 4PM. Then they kicked us out until the show started with boring interviews at 8:30. They should have just kept going...I think the food vendors would have liked that a lot better also. The food smelled great but by 8:30 most of us had eaten long ago. We won't go back which is too bad as the final was incredible. So many people especially families left about 10PM. The Orleans was a very nice place though and we will go back there though. Gregg Turk www.greggturk.com