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  1. Thanks. I'll check it out. It was nice thinking that my bike was one that didn't need the loctite fix. (It was nice until it wasn't nice anymore, like too many other things.)
  2. I have a bad feeling that the procrastinating on the stator loctite fix is what led to my bike stalling out and eventually not running. How much did you pay to get a new stator + installation? I need to get mine running again.
  3. Yesterday I took a 250 mile round trip ride with lots of 75+mph highway miles. Too many alongside 18-wheelers than what I like for the DRZ, but got on a slower route via side roads for the return. Only downside with that was snagging bee when I had my face shield up. He got his stinger in, and my ear's still swollen. Coulda been worse. The shoulder was narrow, but at least there was some place to pull over. Prolly looked like I was having a seizure to car behind me. Late posting: flushed radiator a week ago.
  4. Put a coat of high temp black rustoleum on the down pipe. It had been looking pretty grubby after a few years of muddy monsoon riding. Instructions recommend 24 hours of drying time. There goes the afternoon ride.
  5. Changed the oil & filter.
  6. just deleting
  7. Arizona

    OK, that's what I was expecting. I don't want to miss this, so I'll just buck up.
  8. Arizona

    Hey Guys, I'm thinking of riding up there tomorrow. Never been to Chase Field before. What's the parking like? Is there a bike area? Also, is it the usual sport park prices for food during supercross? $5 hot dogs, $4 sodas, etc? Any clues on how to do it on the cheap?
  9. The Arizona sun has done in my coolant overflow, so it's time for something different. This turkey baster mod would be an improvement. I don't have the Unaguards on my bike. Anyone have examples of other mounting locations? Any pics?
  10. I ordered the keys (ignition/gas/helmet + spare) from on Saturday. They arrived in Monday's mail. Both fit perfectly. Great service!
  11. Thanks for posting this. I called my dealership today and they told me I would have to buy a new ignition, gas cap & helmet lock.
  12. Took the tire pressure info sticker off the rear fender & installed my new rack made by Hammonk. hammonk's post abt the racks:
  13. Hooked her up to a battery tender since I'll be out of commission for a while after colliding with a deer at 60mph on my VFR.
  14. I was out tooling around on the DRZ this morning, just trying to avoid dangerously distracted holiday-shopper-drivers, when I ended up on Grant Ave, west of I-10 in Tucson. There's nothing especially interesting in that stretch. Until now. I stopped when I saw 4 bikes parked in a strip mall. The sign above the business said: ON ANY MOTO It turns out, it's the business I've been waiting for. They've been open for a couple of months. It's a place you can go get an oil change, get tires mounted, buy parts and accessories at about 10% off msrp. Their price on the Michelin Power Pilot that I needed was the same as the (total price, incl s&h) AFTER my AMA discount. So, very competitive prices on tires. Most of the gear I noticed was road-riding-oriented. It was an impressive and Scott, the guy I talked to was definitely knowledgeable about it. Shoei and Arai helmets and a few other brands. I also saw some boots I want to go back and try on. Great brands including AlpineStar. Lots of jackets, ventilated, all-weather, etc. I think it's four guys and one of their wives running it. Friendly guys. They're also proud of the selection of women's gear that they have in stock. Lounge area with big screen TV, Speed TV nights, DVDs, magazines. It's great place to hang out and talk about riding, meet other riders, find out what's going on. SuperCross starts Jan 3rd, and they seemed up for having some SpeedTV nights for that. Check it out the next time you need to buy some gear or for basic servicing. (Maybe other stuff, but we just talked about oil changes and tire mounting this morning.) Also, it's a great location for a group ride starting point. Oh yeah, and the four street bikes were three Ducatis and Suzuki. There might not be a lot on the floor for pure dirt riders, but I think the name says it all, if you're ON ANY MOTO, come on in. ON ANY MOTO 1655 W Grant Rd Tucson, AZ 85745 877-6-ANY-MOTO 520-269-6606 There's some info on their site here, but it's still under construction:
  15. Replaced rear brake pads for first time on my '05 (bought new in '06) DRZ400SM at 14,600 miles. Easy to get to, easy to pop out, easy to slide in (after spraying a bit of brake cleaner on the piston). Tomorrow morning, it's time for the front pads.