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  1. henning

    whats the best bike for mee

    i understand you:ride: the 4 stroke has better fuel versus mileage, the 4 stroke is easyer to ride and makes it possible the fastest in the woods or on a track, the 300 has more power and is way faster, but you need too be more of an expert to use its potential. if you are competing and want to go the easy but fast way , go for the 250 4 str. if you just want to go fast without competing . . . 300 if you like the 2 stroke . . buy the 2 stroke if you like the 4 stroke buy it it is good bikes both of them.
  2. henning

    '04 Berg any good ?

    the 02 and 03 there was some trouble, 04 was a good year , kokusan ignition and keihn carburator, it is as good as a 08 berg. . 04 was the first really good year.
  3. henning

    11' 300 setup help and questions??

    to get the rear to really work , you need low sag = 40 mm freesag (it is very touchy )then the bike pushes the front in turns. . i lowered the front by sliding the fork 15-20 mm in the clamps and got good feeling of the bike that i liked. i have the öhlins ttx front and back allso, but the wp cc with 48 front and 80 or 84 rear works great for me, the ttx looks better i am seeking more low end and will get the fmf gnarly ,
  4. henning

    Shift marks on boots?

    the helmet is the only part in the riders equipment that is supposed to have no scratces or marks , clean them (boots) and just ride, buy darker boots new boots are only new before using.
  5. henning

    11' 300 setup help and questions??

    you need stiffer springs , start with the shock spring .
  6. henning

    11' 300 setup help and questions??

    hi , i have the husaberg TE . i am 95 kg = 48 nm springs front and 80nm or 84 nm back. i had to lower the front by 15-20 mm to get bike to turn as i like.
  7. henning

    what do you know about husaberg/ktm 2 st

    the husaberg got the cc forks on a bike more like xc-w , an 11 liter gas tank. the trippel clamp is the better one ktm have.
  8. henning

    2011 250 & 300 reliability?

    2011 250 husaberg/ktm xc , rekluze. . starter taken of and placed, start the bike on start . . then it never stops before the checkered flag. just 15 hours . . i allso are interrested in reliebility. not my first two stroke but first from austria. for me the starter must off , i ride night race and sometimes the stator needs to be changed in race out on the tracks. if the pipe bends, the starter and stator cover not easily come of for changin stator, imagine doing that in the dark.
  9. henning

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2011 husaberg te 250
  10. henning

    FS650E gearing?

    16front - 38rear with mx pipe , if the engine is okay , it will go really good. we reached 180- 190 kmh or 110 mph
  11. henning

    Kearneys Bike

    it is not a ohlins fork, its a showa, from what i can see. with ohlins stickers on it. the shifter angle is good enough if one can gettin used to it, the idea is that the angle more up, do prevent shifter breakage. = more out of the way . the - is that you have to train on it to be able to shift
  12. henning

    Turbo Ktm?

    cant you here it ????? dont have sound on your computer? or havent you ever heard a turbo i action. the swedes can achieve good things, they made the top end on the ktm s. just believe it , no fake. there is a turbo ktm here in norden as well, . it is do able. just get knowledge. and work on . i dont want one , i ride woods and need no more than 30 hp
  13. henning

    Yipee!!! My Wr250 Now Has 6 Gears!!!!!

    i need 6 th gear allso , the 5 gear tranny is wr 250 weakest link. 2005 and up the gear ratios is way to close. even with sm wheels and 15: 42 it dont get enough top speed i need (W)ide ®atio gearing.
  14. henning

    husa 501

    stay clear of the 2001, cause reability ishues 2001, and partly 2002 2003 and t day is much more better handling and engine new frame 2003 you cant see it but you feel it., 2004 is better because the kokusan stator and khein carb, i had a 2003 501 on the street and i was good for 158 kmh on dirt wheels. it is a very nice bike that can do everything.- husaberg likes fresh oil and no revs , but you can use it on street. and most important do not let anyone but yourself ride your bike on street, you have to realy care about the bike to make it last, on highway . and this only the man who pays the bill does. the owner.
  15. henning

    Turbo Ktm?

    this wont work, you dont get enough liter of air . you maybe get some pressure if the engine is shut and trottle at 0. you need lot of air in certain pressure , atmospherik pressure is at sea level u want some kind of effekt you need pressure of 0.1 kg and above. rally cars have 1.2 kg and more, road cars got 0.4- 0-7 kg. and you have make the pressure while engine running, an thumper projekt , would have 0.5 kg pressure and max 1.0 kg.. the engine is allready consuming an amount of air you want an kompressor that produse more than your engine consume, an so much that you build up pressure of , 0.5 kg. where you want an effekt , if yuo have 0.5 kg pressure at near peak you can get in teori get 50 % more effekt making a 525exc produsing 75 hk. and 1.0 kg pressure (nder load)= 100 hk. it is do able, but it is an reason the xr projekt is built on a xr 650. maybe the lc4 engine is more suitable. than 525?