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  1. Get a skid plate. Jet it 170 main, 48 pilot. Adjust your sag and move the forks up, possibly a new front tire. Go ride.
  2. Any other thoughts on this, has anyone else tried it?
  3. Seems like it would be convenient. I flipped my bike catwalking in 4th yesterday and my exhaust got pretty beat up. I would love to make it shorter, but don't want my bike to be too loud. A bit more low end grunt would always be nice too, but I don't want to lose top.
  4. I just stand, kind of bounce a bit then jerk the bars back and lean far back while hitting the gas. Once you get it to a balance point just keep going.
  5. No, it's 1 litre.
  6. Well, that's one good thing about living in Canada. The most we ever get is a fun chase with the cops.
  7. Well, I definately didn't sieze it. It still runs strong as ever, much better with the new jets. Do you think it's fine, or could there be some sort of internal damage?
  8. I rode mine for about 3 weeks (I'm guessing 15 hours total), and pretty hard, before I got my new jets in. My dealer is VERY slow. Is there any damage I could have done in those 3 weeks?
  9. So I can't just cut it out and be done with it, I have to buy a special kit to remove it?
  10. I was just cleaning the air filter on my 06 and noticed their is a wire screen attached to the frame-thingy. Does this restrict airflow at all - would their be any benefit to removing it? Also, which aftermarket airfilter is best to buy performace wise, or is the difference so small it's negligible? Please excuse my lack of knowledge.
  11. I have the 06 YZ450f, and my girlfriend has the 06 YZ250f. The 250 feels a lot lighter and thinner between your legs, like it almost floats around. I get the feeling on her bike like I can throw it around any way I want, and it will just go. The seat height is no different, if that's an issue. It doesn't have the rip-your-arms-off power of my 450, but it still has some oomph that makes it fun to ride. Bottom line, if you feel that the 450 is too much for you, I think the 250f will be perfect.
  12. Get the 10 year old a KX85 and the 12 year old a KX100. I started on a KX250 when I was 13. Probably not the smartest move, but I learned to rip the hard way. Then again I was always a fairly large kid.
  13. its easiest to pull the decomp in and right when your about to kick let it go its all timing and yes when it is cold its best to give it a shot of gas or 2.
  14. standing is the best way through the tight stuff especially cause its easier to throw the bike around
  15. Well, I just went and checked my bike and to my surprise the forks were all ready raised to the first line. I checked the sag and its around 94 - 96 mm. Is that good enough or should I adjust it?