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  1. CSU-XR

    Engine Stumbling at anything but idle

    It was the floats, now it runs good again. Thanks for the help.
  2. CSU-XR

    front tire put on the rear.

    Is there an arrow near the word front? Chances are it's a directional tire, and that is there to indicate which way the tire should be installed.
  3. CSU-XR

    Engine Stumbling at anything but idle

    Well, I checked the vent lines, they all seem ok. There were three, right? I'm still trying to figure out how to check my timing and float levels.
  4. The other day I had my 2001 XR-250 at the track. My brother was riding it and it had been running fine all day. When he comes back, it won't rev. It starts and idles just fine, it will cruise at low rpm and low throttle just fine, but as soon as you give it gas it stumbles. I have took the carb apart twice now to make sure all the jets are clear of debri, replaced the air filter, same problem. It almost seems as if it is running out of fuel at anything above an idle. The petcock from tank has been cleaned. We put a new plug in it as well. Could it possibly be the floats? If so how do I adjust them. I am new to motorcycle carbs, so instructions for newbies would be nice. Also the white plastic thing in the carb, by the main jet, that goes on with the wide end down correct, like a skirt not a funnel? (^this way not this way V)
  5. Ok. So this is my first oil change on my 2001 XR 250R. My bike did not come with a manual, but I have been trying to read as much as I could on here, although most info I found was for a 400. Here is what I have/know. 2 quarts AMSOIL 0w-40 4 stroke synthetic I need to drain the oil from both the frame drain plug and the case drain plug(located on the bottom of motor close to shift lever) I need to change the filter I believe all of that is ok/correct I am not sure how to check the oil level or how much to put in. The guy I bought it from said it takes 1.5 qts, and to check it while running? From what I read it seemed like I need to put in about 1 quart, kick the engine over a few times, add another .5 quart, then warm the engine up, shut it off, and check the oil? Check it by screwing the dipstick all the way back in, or just dip it in without screwing it in?(almost wrote some good taglines). Somebody please correct me if something is wrong, and fill me in. Thanks.
  6. CSU-XR

    Hop up or not?

    That is just going to pull in hot air from directly on top of your motor, if it even fits under a stock hood. Not to mention their description sounds like Cheap Chinese instructions poorly translated. They make no actual claim to power improvement. It may or may not be better than stock with a replacement filter, but i wouldn't waste my money on it.
  7. CSU-XR

    Leaking Fork

    The oil seems to be coming from the dust boot, not the bottom of the fork.
  8. CSU-XR

    Leaking Fork

    I'm pretty new to riding and only had my '01 XR 250 out riding a couple of times. I've noticed that when it is strapped down in the truck that one of my fork legs leaks oil pretty bad. When I strap it down I only compress the front forks 2-3 inches. Am I loading it too tight? It doesn't seem like it's all that tight when I pull it down. I noticed last time I was riding that my front end seemed softer and bottomed out when coming down from like 1-2 feet of air. Are my seels bad? How do I add more oil, what kind and how much? I appologize for being a newbie but I don't have the Owner's manuel, and TT told me the search function was disabled at this time. Thanks for the help. Josh
  9. CSU-XR

    Hop up or not?

    You can just buy a K&N drop in replacement filter, which will pay for itself very quickly by not having to replace a paper filter a few times a year. Replacement K&N's are usually $40-50. Your power gains won't be quite the same, but you will gain a little, and a little MPG, and not have to replace your stock filter all the time. Tuners are often not worth the dough until you start changing tire sizes and stuff like that. On my S-10, the biggest bang for the buck that I have added was a set of March Performance Pulleys, the Power and Amp set. These pulleys made a bigger differance than my intake and exhaust combined, and the pulleys and new Goodyear Gatorback belt only set me back $90. I would highly recommend that you look into a set of these for your truck.
  10. CSU-XR


    Oooo oo oo I wanna go. That's the first pics of the dunes I've seen up by walden and they look plenty fun to me although I want to run them in my PU as well as my bike. I kept hearing rumors about that place but then other people would contradict them so I wasn't ever sure.
  11. I just read the Coloradoan article. Not happy with that. They picked one of the worst quotes (although made by a good participant and with good points) on our behalf and then make it sound like we just want to kill the animals. I like how the articles just says dirtbikers and 4x4ers like we're just rednecks, even though there were probably more 4x4 and OHV clubs and organizations represented at that meeting than any other area of interest.
  12. The President of COhvCo also made a comment at the end of the meeting about the Lefthand Fire being started well away from anywhere the ohv's go. I also liked the point a lady made about how hikers can only go so far on the trails, whereas ohv's can travel much deeper into the woods, so that by closing trails they would actually be making the problem worse for non-motorized users. I liked Valerie's speech but thought it was poorly delivered and she did not seem ready to answer the questions posed to her. I think that since the Pres. of CohvCo was there he could have gave her a hand due to her condition. Also seemed like that guy from the logging industry was on our side as well.
  13. CSU-XR

    anybody put lift on chevy ss?

    I doubt that it was a lifted SS. SS bumpers are very easy to come by, there are quite a few manufacturers that make SS kits for reg. silverados. The SS is an expensive truck, and it is not intended for off road use, or to be lifted. Not to mention, it is AWD and AWD is not good for off roading, it has no lo range, and most don't even have fixed, equal 50-50 torque distribution between the axles. Like others have said you would be much better off buying a 2500 with the 6.0 and adding the SS kit. Also you would run into problems with the front end components needing to be replaced all the time, like ball joints, CV's, etc. etc. I'm not trying to be a prick, just trying to help out. I own both a 4x4 and a sport truck, so I can understand the desire for something like a lifted SS, there are just better ways to get what you are going for. Kinda like trying to setup a BMW for MX use. Also you should try checking out some magazines like Truckin' or StreetTrucks. Lifted 4x4 show-trucks are all the rage now, plus they have advertisers for the SS kits.
  14. CSU-XR

    CO Registration

    Grrr... I've been trying to register my bike for the first time and it has been such a huge PITA. I'm up in Fort Collins, and everybody says to go the the Welcome Center on Prospect and I-25. So I head out there Friday to find a sign on the door saying I have to instead go to either Boyd Lake or Lory state Park(on the Northwest Side of Horsetooth). So I give them a call and they tell me they can only do registration on Sat. and Sun. So I go on-line to print the form to have ready and it says expires March 31. I call them again today and they don't know if I can register for 2006 yet or not . They tell me to call some place in Denver, but they are only open M-F. So it isn't looking to good for getting my bike registered for next week(Spring Break wohoo). So anyways, main question. How often do you guys run into problems with rangers out by HW14? I plan to head up to the Sevenmile area Mon.+Tues. Should I just pay to register the bike for '05 maybe and then have to re-register at the end of the month?
  15. Well I hope this turns out to be a good meeting. I've been spreading the word as much as I can, and I emailed the info the CSU Bigwheels(4x4 club) and hopefully they will show up as well. I just figure that anytime we can have more people who use the land for OHV purposes and the Forest Service in the same room, the better it will be us.