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  1. 100mpg

    XR650L Gas Milieage

    my last tank was 1.93 G and 93.? 48mpg. I have gotten as high as 56. STock bike except for smog. I shift at 15, 25,35,45 mph.
  2. 100mpg

    Heres an interesting 650l for yall...

    I like it. Bet it cranks through the curves pretty weel, with the LCG. You guy hate cause it is different? bah.
  3. 100mpg

    Larger Gas Tanks

    Where are you guys finding the 6.0 gal tanks? I need a large tank for my one year trip trip X-country, US and Canada. I am going way north and it is not a place you want to run out of gas. I will already have any free space loaded with camping gear so carrying an extra container is not possible. I cant find these tanks anywhere!