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  1. Bouncer

    03 WR450 setup

    Cheers guys a look into that.
  2. Bouncer

    03 WR450 setup

    Hi, I ride a 03 wr450 and have never been entirely happy with the handling. I recently rode an instructor's yz250 and it seemed to be stuck to the track in comparison with my lose ride! Anyway, I know the Oz bike may be different ot he US and I know that at about 105kg with gear I should change the springs but until I get a new bike in a year or two I want to make do! So please, advise what compression and rebound settings I should be looking for to make the best of a bad setup? Cheers
  3. Bouncer

    WR450 03 Carb question

    Thx Indy
  4. Bouncer

    WR450 03 Carb question

    G'Day Australasian Dirt Bike Nov 05. Apparently strapped on to Heffermans bike for the Finke Desert race as a trial. Better combustion = bettter fuel ecconomy and power. Don't know if its any good other than the mag report, although seen the small unit still attached to Heffo's bike in a recent mag artical. I am on a two day training course with him 3/4 July so will find out more then!!!!
  5. Bouncer

    WR450 03 Carb question

    Good day from Oz! The fuel hose from the gas tank connects onto the carb via a 90 deg elbow fitting? Is this elbow fitting on the carb a push fit, or screwed? Or other??? How can I move the angle of this fitting? I guess you will ask so I may as well tell ya! Some Enduro rider out here has put a fuel catalyst on his bike that apparently aids combustion and help lube the engine and it was in the mag recently out here. Probably as mush use as a dead dingos donger. Just wondering...