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  1. uncleroby

    2017 RMX 450Z horsepower

    It has been tested in 2010 by an italian magazine. Uncorked the wheel output was 41 HP. More or less like a KLX450R and a little bit less then a CRF450X (43 HP). I had a 2012 model and I tried a CRF and a KLX and the Suzuki "sounded" a little bit less powerful than the CRF and more or less like the KLX but smoother (with a great traction).
  2. uncleroby

    CRF450X removed from Japan honda website

    Hi George, It's a custom version by Redmoto. The close ratio it si not a big problem if you use the bike on asphalt to connect trails. Of course it is not studied for extended Highway use. In Europe enduro bike must be street legal and plated even for competition. Thus bike ar sold plated and road ready, then people remove mirrors, blinkers and such to prevent destroy them. By the way my friend and I use such bikes as dual sport maybe addind 1 tooth to the front sprocket. I used a CRF450X on the the highway with original sprockets and I had no problem riding at 50 mph (90 km/h) or a little bit more.
  3. uncleroby

    CRF450X removed from Japan honda website

    In Italy the new 450RX is road legal as the other enduro bikes. It is imported by Redmoto: http://www.redmoto.it/ Ths it meets the newest european homologations rules: Euro 4. I don't think Honda worked to make a worse motorcycle ...
  4. uncleroby

    Any One use a 450X for Dual Sport?

    A friend of mine, as I wrote in other posts, use it as dual sport. In Italy, were I live, enduro bikes are street legal. He use is 2011 CRF450X on tarmac and for dual sport rides (tarmac + easy off road). He put 10,000 miles on the bike and never opened the engine. Oil change every 2,000 miles and stop. The bike pulls strong and it will probably become my new toy ...
  5. uncleroby

    450X adventure bike?

    A friend of mine use the bike on tarmac and for dual sport rides. 2011 CRF450X street legal (in Italy all the enduro bikes are street legal). He put around 10.000 miles and never touched the engine, just oil change every 2000 miles (two thousands). Of course he doesn't race. I tried the bike and it pulls strong, the 5th gear is not so tight and allows you to keep 50 mph on the highway.
  6. uncleroby

    How many Miles/km has your X done ?

    I reckon the correct approach to the problem is to declare: 1) Use of the bike: off road competition, off road leisure, dual sport, commuting, tarmac only, etc. 2) Miles/kms on the bike 3) Maintainance: oil change intervals, piston replacing, etc, specifing if the replace was necessary or not: you replaced the piston because it was on the scheduled or because the bike had problems? Was the pistons/rings/rod worn out?
  7. uncleroby

    How many Miles/km has your X done ?

    A friend of mine has a 2011 CRF450X that came street ready as all the enduro bike sold in Italy. He put more than 15.000 kilometers (about 10.000 miles) replacing oil every 2/3000 kms, NEVER opened the engine to change anything! He use it for dual sport rides (street + easy off road). The bike runs perfect and I am planning to buy it as he doesn't use it anymore. I do not understand who change the piston/valves and so on so frequently: is it necessary or is it a precaution?
  8. uncleroby

    rmx450 hit 1000 hours in 27 months

    Thanks! A guy I know has 16.000 kms on his clock with no rebuilds or problems. Mine has 7500 kms, I checked the oil after a 300 kms ride (220 on road + 80 off road) and it was up at the level and still clear after 2000 km! I plan to change oil every 2500-3000 kms for a dual use (no race!).
  9. uncleroby

    rmx450 hit 1000 hours in 27 months

    It means you drive slow, right? Do you have na idea of how many kilometres you have on the clock? Done at what speed?
  10. uncleroby

    2014 RMX

    Bigger tank is a must. I've installed a IMS tank for my dual sport trips. In Italy Mr. Valenti (http://www.valentiracing.it/enduro/rm-x-450-e.html) distributes a street legal version with lights, plate holder, horn, passenger pegs and such. The list price is around 8000 euros, not far from the other enduro bike. I reckon he prepares and distributes RMXs for whole Europe.
  11. uncleroby

    KTM 500EXC as a dual sport

    Hi Ferret, I live in North Italy and I have a my 2009 Ktm EXC450R that I use as dual sport. To me dual sport means 100 up to 300 kms trips. To reach the mountains and teh off road I travel 60 to 100 kms each way. I run 14/52 sprockets and that's it, no problem in 3800 km. I change the motor oil every 1300/1500 kms, clean air filter and no more. Of course on the highway I do not exceed 90-100 km/h, thus I do not exceed speed limits . I reckon a 690 engine endures much more kilometers but even an EXC, if properly used will travel for many miles: you can not run it at high speed as a street bike! A friend on mine bought a 690 supermoto with 20.000 kms on the clock and made a 4000 kms trip to Poland this summer: zero problem! Rob
  12. uncleroby

    a good test for rmx

    Hi There, I know a guy here in North Italy using a RMX 450 for enduro and dual sport rides. He put 8000 kms on the clock with no engine problems. He just changes oil every 1000 kms and clean the air filter. He changed wheel bearings and that's it. I reckon 2000 kms are nothing!
  13. uncleroby

    Rmz 350 ??

    I have read something in a magazine some time ago, but nothing more. In motocross Suzuki is in second place behind Ktm in the MX World Championship. But the reason is Antonio Cairoli: he used to win with Yamaha and now he wins with a Ktm 350. But RMZ 450 is a good bike. I hope Suzuki waste no time and money with a 350cc (useless IMHO) project, instead I hope they improve the RMX (fule injection, hard suspensions, maybe a dual sport version ).
  14. uncleroby

    RMX - Used for adventure riding?

    The RMZ does not need full synth oil and for road use, according to Mr Valenti, you may go 2 or 3000 kilometers before oil change. Of course it's a one cilinder enduro bike, not a road bike, you cannot travel at 130 km/h on the highway... For what I have been told by a user, you can travel at 90 - 100 km/h with no big problem, at least he does during his dual sport trips. His RMX has 6000 kilometers on the clock, trouble free.
  15. uncleroby

    RMX450Z dual sport?

    Sorry I mess up with the messages...