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  1. Tusk_

    Transmission oil for KDX220?

    I use Rotella-T Synthetic. It's for deisel engines and does not have "friction modifiers". I put it in all my street and dirt bikes. edit - er what RT said.
  2. Tusk_

    Paragon To Stay Open!!!

    I ride south of Paragon at Tower City.... but still this burns me! As of today, it doesn't look good. http://www.timesleader.com/mld/timesleader/16659592.htm
  3. Tusk_

    New to 2-strokes

    Age, size and riding environment come into play as well. Do you need something to "grow into" will you be riding on trail or track? etc..
  4. Tusk_

    Tower City Yearly Price Increase

    Their web site has changed addresses it seems: http://www.gibsons.net/index.php It's in I'd say "south/central PA". Goto maps.google.com and search for "bear valley road, tower city, pa". I agree the price increase is steep. I wish they would maintain the trails a little better. ((shrug)) I'll most likely renew anyway. Rumor has it someone is buying property "just north" of Tower City to open up a simiar riding club but with a family membership at $300. "Just north" is all I can find out right now. We'll see. TC is 2.5 hours from me. Not sure I'm willing to drive much further for a days ride.
  5. Tusk_

    KX Forks on KDX200

    There's a whole section dedicated to the conversion on kdxrider.net: http://tinyurl.com/ygys9t Hope that helps.
  6. Tusk_

    need feedback on rear tires for kdx

    Sounds like you need the "Tower City" tire. I'd be interested in knowing just what that is as well. My son needs new rubber for his KLX400. Although suspension setup goes a lot farther than tire choice I think. A good combo can't hurt. Tire pressures can change your ride/traction as well. I run a Bridgestone M-202-Motocross rear. It came on my bike when I bought it. I've had no real problems with it in the mud and rocks of Tower City (assuming that's where you're riding). I can feel it break loose occationally, but I just attribute that to the 2-stroke engine...... that needs some jetting assistance.
  7. Tusk_

    Jetting Question

    It may help to know your bike specs at least. When you rejetted, did you change the air/fuel mixture screw at all? Also, did you change the needle position?
  8. Tusk_

    Looking for KDX repair manual

    Not a pdf but one can be had here: http://www.repairmanual.com/motorcycles/2004/34/3/17730 Are you looking for the service manual or just an owners manual?
  9. Tusk_

    Considering a KDX220

    Hang on buddy! It'll come..... and it'll be worth it!
  10. Tusk_

    Considering a KDX220

    I'll throw a comment to the "for" column as well. My son (14yr old, 6 foot and 195 pounds) throws around a KLX400 whilst I (the old man) enjoy the KDX220! My son wanted the 400 and loves just sitting in one spot on the seat and plowing through everything. No hurry, no desire to go faster. He's strong and young and has no problems. Me? The lightness, excellent power and gearing (previous owner put a one tooth smaller front sprocket on) are wonderful on the KDX. The one thing that hasn't been mentioned is suspension tuning! Once the shock and forks are dialed in, you'll be in heaven (well till you pry open the wallet for upgrades!). Check with the current owner (and size him/her up) on what settings he/she has. My previous owner had the forks wacked! One leg was clicked all the in and the other was about 8 out!! I put both at 12 out, cut back some preload in the rear and loving life. Good Luck!
  11. Tusk_

    Need some help/ kdx/kx

    What size and age is your son? Mine is 14 years and 6 foot, 195 pounds . He throws around a KLX400 quite well! Of course he can't keep up with me on my KDX220 on the trails. My brother's oldest boy (14) has a YZ85 and has had overheating issues on the trail along with gearing difficulties. That said, be careful on the slow technical trails with the MX models?
  12. Tusk_

    Anyone heading up to TCTRI this weekend?

    From what I hear (I haven't been to Paragon) it's pretty much the same type of terrain. Reference Memberships: I just showed up (took a trip on my street bike to see the place first) and said (literally) "I'd like to ride your trails to see about a membership but don't know any members." "No problem" was the response. They let me sign up for a day's ride for like $35 I think and at the end of the day, they will take that amount off the membership price should you decide to join! Wanda the woman usually on duty up there and they are VERY nice and easy to deal with! Check out: http://www.tctri.org/ and give them a call to check my story. I called first and asked about prices and directions etc.. The trails there are very rocky! But it's TOO bad. A good amount of technical and single track stuff with more open areas as well. If you can spare a day off during the week, the place is literally EMPTY! I rode with a bunch of folk last week and saw 2 atv's once all day. We were alone and it was nice. Hope that helps. Mark
  13. Tusk_

    Drz SM killed a Blackbird tonight

    I would submit the rider has something to do about it as well. Put me on a Blackbird and I would..... I would....... I would be last in line! I'm just too conservative for sport riding. Good on you for a great ride, but stay safe and dress for the crash. I still wouldn't mind trying out an SM....
  14. Tusk_

    klx 110 Owners Manual

    Can't help with an owners manual (save Ebay). I've been trolling Ebay for a long time for an owners manual for my KDX220 to no avail. BUT: try here ( http://www.repairmanual.com/motorcycles/2004/34/3/15131 ) for a service manual for your bike! Hope it helps.
  15. Tusk_

    Is this a good price for an 04 KLX400R?

    Danger: you mean 2003 yes? To my knowledge the KLX400(S)R's were only put out in 2003. As a rough estimate give http://www.kbb.com a shot and compare the "retail" and "trade-in" prices in your given zip code. I paid a bit too much for my son's 2003 KLX400SR at $3000. It had been flogged hard and the computer didn't work. I was naive and believed the guy when he said the cable had just come out. But in very good shape.... $2700 doesn't sound too bad.