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  1. te450rider

    What steering dampner should I go?

    I had really good luck with Motorsportz's stabilizer. Great customer service to. http://www.motosportz.com/MZ-Dirt-Stab-KTM.htm Mark:thumbsup:
  2. te450rider

    Dirtwise Seattle

    Shane express a desire to hold the event next year. If he does I would highly recommend it. Mark:ride:
  3. te450rider

    Dirtwise Seattle

    I did the Friday class and had a great time. I learned alot of skills that should make a difference. Shane's really good at getting you to ride outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself. I would recommend his classes to anyone looking to improve their riding skills. Mark:ride:
  4. Acrylic Floor Wax will work to bring the shine back after sanding. just wipe a couple of smooth coats on allowing time to dry between coats. If you don't like it you can easily strip with ammonia and try again. The smoother the surface is the better it will look. I usually use around 1200 for the final sanding. Mark
  5. te450rider

    Dirtwise Seattle

    http://www.shanewatts.com/schools Sep 10 (Fri) Seattle, WA - One day school - $200 (only 1 spot remaining) Sep 11/12 (Sat/Sun) Seattle, WA (Sold Out!)
  6. te450rider

    Dirtwise Seattle

    I am attending the Friday session. Mark:ride:
  7. te450rider

    Pics from the Green Dot roads - June 27th

    Didn't seem to make a bit of difference. Just a little additional top end lube!
  8. te450rider

    Pics from the Green Dot roads - June 27th

    When we started we were hoping to make it to the river but never did. We went over without any maps so we had no idea which roads to take. We ended up on the North side of the wind farm and with almost 30 miles of riding in I knew I would be running low on gas by the time we got back. Heading down from the wind farm we ended up missing a turn and dropped down into a long canyon before I realized that we where on the wrong road. After we got home I downloaded the track from my new Garmin 60csx and it turns out that were we turned around on the wrong road was within about a 1/2 mile from the sand bar across from the Amphitheater. Turns out the wrong turn added about 7.5 miles to our loop which took us beyond the range of my gas. Ran out about 5 miles from the truck. I pulled the tank off my Husky and was able to drain enough gas from Ryans KDX into it and make it back to the staging area. Next time I will put on my bigger tank so I don't have to worry about running out of gas again. Great day of riding and look foward to going back. Mark:ride:
  9. te450rider

    Anyone riding riding Sunday (last minute, I know)

    We are headed over to vantage to do the green dot roads. Mark
  10. te450rider

    Coolant Y

    When I wanted to get rid of the plastic tee and the Y was out of stock I found a brass tee at Lowes for PEX tubing. It worked fine. I think it was around $4.00. Mark
  11. te450rider

    More legislative lies

    emailed my representatives! Mark
  12. te450rider

    O/T - Need ACL doc in PNW

    Dr Whitney Frost at the Everett Clinic did my ACL and I had great results. Mark:thumbsup:
  13. te450rider

    KDX fuel petcock problem

    My son sheared off the lever on his fuel petcock on his 93 kdx200 and was curious if a petcock off anything else would fit. Having reserve is not a big deal. Anybody know what would work? Thanks, Mark
  14. Just a heads up if you go: The road to the upper staging area was closed yesterday (Wed) for some type of construction. We ended up parking in the lower lot and headed to the upper area. Had a great ride. Didn't see anyone up top except several DNR vehicles and a couple of Sno. Co. vehicles and a lone kwad as we were heading down.
  15. It looks like we will be heading up around noon. Not sure where we will stage at, Probably up towards the pond. Should be in my sons black/silver F150 with a Husky and KDX in the back unless my buddy decides to go then will will be towing a 3 rail trailer along with his KTM.