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  1. Gentlemen As the header states Im looking for a new handlebar for my son´s KX65. What size handlebar should I buy to fit into the clamps? We like the pro taper but not sure what fits. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. thormoto

    You know how 2 fix this ?

    Hey guys thanks, and Dirt Addict wrote "i put a clutch kit in mine and noted the new "heavy duty" springs were quite a bit shorter than the oem ones. put them in and the pull was like butter!" Id like to ask you what kind of kit you bought and where? I dream of that butter smooth pull
  3. thormoto

    You know how 2 fix this ?

    Lots of good advice. THANKS. I will check all this when I get to my garage. One more thing- has anyone tried factory connection clutch lever assembly on the RM250??
  4. thormoto

    You know how 2 fix this ?

    Thanks, how do I adjust the lever ratio to get lighter pull?
  5. thormoto

    You know how 2 fix this ?

    I actually bought a new cable few months ago. Did not give me that smooth clutch pull I hoped for. So Im wondering a) anything I can do with the clutch plates or basket? can I get better clutch lever assebly (anyone tried Factory Connection)? My friend has a 2005 Honda CR250 and his bike has a sweet light pull. I need to match that.
  6. thormoto

    You know how 2 fix this ?

    Hey I have a 2006 RM 250. Its all fine except the clutch lever rattles and the clutch pull is actually quite stiff (I have oiled the clutch cable). What do you suggest I do to fix this? Thanks
  7. Thought I might get some help here. Im interested in getting a good mountain bike for myself to get into better shape (plus safe some $$ on gas). Id like to spend up to 1500$ on that. There are lots to choose from and my needs are based on riding 50% on pavement and 50% offroad doing little jumps and climbs. I think Id like front suspension but not on the rear. Do anyone know of good mountain bike website with lots of info and community like here on Thumpertalk? Well, my biggest quest is to find a big bike made to fit a man 6foot 3inches tall. Any suggestions are well appreciated.
  8. thormoto

    Has anyone put lights on RM250 ??!?

    Apparently Trail Tech do not make lightning coil for the RM250. Any idea if I can use a coil from another bike? What are the Suzuki race guys using when it gets dark?
  9. Hey The plan is to do some night riding. Im interested in getting a lighting coil and nice big headlight for my RM. Anyone has experience/suggestions for me where to look? Thanks
  10. thormoto

    Lets see The Rm's

    here´s mine after few mods
  11. thormoto

    KTM 50SX - Martin & Slater ??

    Ahhh. Now things are beginning to make sense to me. Thanks for that.
  12. thormoto

    KTM 50SX - Martin & Slater ??

    Strangely enough, here you can buy a piston for the KTM that seems to be universal for many models http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=35618&viewitem=&item=150272491816&_trksid=p3907.m29
  13. thormoto

    KTM 50SX - Martin & Slater ??

    I think I just have to remove the head/cylinder and get the right number myself asap. I just got a little confused about what piston to use because I wanted to buy one on Ebay since it said "This kit is a STD BORE( 39.50MM ). WILL Fit years KTM 50SX , years 01-06." According to this it should be a no-brainer buying a piston - but I decided to check here anyway. So when in doubt, lets double check.... Still thanks for your input. I wont label myself as a master mechanic, I mostly have worked on the lawnmover but Im trying to do my best (and become better) at supporting my kid riding. He does occational race too. Yes Im beginning to see that these bikes require super strict maintenance schedule, mostly the clutch. I always feel the bike is gona explode and cant wait for him to grow into a proper 65cc motorcycle. What I´ve learned so far from maintaining the little KTM is that I should never remarry a younger wife. Much like the KTM the feeling of having a young trophy wife must be anxiety, too much work, too much maintenance. So in a way Im thankful for the strange lessons the KTM has taught me.
  14. thormoto

    KTM 50SX - Martin & Slater ??

    Thanks toyota_mdt_tech I take your word on it - and stay away from M&S. I was hoping I could find out what piston size to order in advance so when I have time from work and start to prep that little KTM I could have the parts ready. The outside of the cylinder says "353H" but maybe that not what we are looking for?? Another thing I see people discuss is the Spark plug resister cap. Mine says NGK Lbo5emh. Is that the proper one or is there one better for the 2005 KTM50SX Pro Senior?
  15. thormoto

    KTM 50SX - Martin & Slater ??

    Hello Its time for new piston for the KTM50SX-PRO-SR. First, is it common to use a oversize piston in those engines or do most run the standard size piston? Next, anyone tried Martin & Slater pistons or any other brand? Another thing to those of you that have experience with this bike - can you name few of the most critical preventive maintenance actions to keep the KTM healthy. Once again - BIG THANKS to all of ya in this community for your inputs and help.