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  1. zrxzdxz1

    Has anyone used the KnobbyKnife?

    i just got one for my my birthday... used it last night, works great. I think with a little time I will be able to shave off just enough to keep a sharp edge on the tires and under 10 to 15 minutes. It will just become part of my usual maintenance routine. It will make tires on the little bikes last a real long time. A Great Christmas or Birthday gift idea
  2. zrxzdxz1

    JLaw and No Fear

    HRC racing has it right. J law is a tool.
  3. zrxzdxz1

    RMEC: Greeridge Enduro Trophies

    Thank you Dave! this was my first trophy so I was kinda looking forward to it.
  4. zrxzdxz1

    Greenridge Enduro, Oak Creek CO

    October 31st and still no award
  5. zrxzdxz1

    Utah single track

    I just got back from riding 5 MOH for the first time. Porcupine rim is easy in comparision to 5 miles. If you have the time - ride the red trail from the 5miles of hell trail head over to the blue trail intersection then back (it took us about 45 minutes one way on red trail) If you enjoy that section and all of your group does well then go ride 5 miles of hell. If anyone in your group does not have fun on the red trail dont take them into 5 miles of hell they will never forgive you. There are escape routes on 5 miles but if you brake your bike out there you will have to carry your bike out peice by peice you cannot tow it or push it. 5 miles of hell took us 4 hours one way from red trail to lone man. Take food, water, tools, parts and luck.
  6. zrxzdxz1

    New Mexicans, raise your hand!

    relocated...now in La Plata NM
  7. zrxzdxz1

    Greenridge Enduro, Oak Creek CO

    Hey thanks guys:thumbsup:
  8. zrxzdxz1

    Greenridge Enduro, Oak Creek CO

    on the enduro X stuff as well. I had a great time, i thought the enduro X section was cool for the people watchin. At many of the races as a spectator you never get to see any of the cool stuff. I had fun attacking the RR ties and swearing at them.
  9. zrxzdxz1

    Another Colorado Thumpette Ride??

    Fallhard next time stake your good for nothin hubby out on the ground so the flys will attack him and leave you alone. I guess he is good for something... BAIT
  10. zrxzdxz1

    200lb + riders?

    Im around 225 with gear on. I had my suspension done with Race tech springs and gold valves this year. I had riden with stock suspension since buying the bike new in 2007. There is a big difference, I would bottom out the stock suspension and the springs now keep me up. The front end rides higher and dosent need to unload prior to a wheelie so you can pop it up quick. I am starting to play a bit more with the adjustments with the new valves. I ride alot of desert and usally have it on the stiff side but in big rocks and tree roots, a couple of clicks softer is nice. I really dident notice a big difference with the clickers before--unless I went a bunch of clicks one way or another. Now one or 2 make a difference I can feel. Expensive, yes but really nice.
  11. zrxzdxz1

    klx450r subframe issues

    I wonder if those guys in Baja had a load of weight (camping gear, water ect.) on the back of the bikes. I have over 2K miles on my KLX no problems:thumbsup:
  12. zrxzdxz1

    Streetbike question

    Have you looked into a Kawaski Versys? inexpensive well built and loads of fun to ride.
  13. zrxzdxz1

    Rejet F2 or JD jets any preference?

    I have a JD kit and no problems. I Like the fact it comes with needles and jets for multiple altitudes and the setup chart. I have a F2 ais removal kit, I bought a while ago it was very hard to get in touch with any one at F2 for support. I called them again a couple of months ago and no answer and the website was down. The rumor is they are no longer in business. Dont waste your time, buy the JD kit.
  14. zrxzdxz1

    best single track in Taylor Park? Anyone?

    I agree the latitude 40 maps are the best for the area. for the Starr trail.
  15. zrxzdxz1

    Where to ride in New Mexico

    Ya thats me:ride: