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  1. whitemanind

    when do the EXC-R's arrive?

    I just checked out the EXC530R on the web site, I want one. But is it going to come licensed for the street from the factory. Just found this thread, http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=543748 and this one http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=541323 Can anyone else back this up.
  2. whitemanind

    Street Legal Crf450r Question

    I believe you could also purchase the parts from the 450x to mount the battery. Probley a little pricey though.
  3. whitemanind

    Which Pipe for your 2 Smoker?

    I have ran a FMF Fatty and an FMF SST both with a turbincore2 silencer and a shorty. I had some motor work done to smooth out the power band and produce more low end power through porting and polishing. I will say though right now I am back to the stock pipe and a shorty silencer, not because the others are dented but because I like the power it produces. I would like to try the Gnarly pipe from FMF but have alway been afraid it will fall on its face it the top end.
  4. whitemanind

    Case Saver Disaster!!!!

    I threw a chain on my YZ250 and it did the same damage. Busted the bolts out of the case and put a nickel size hole in the case. I split the cases and since I did not have a tig welder, I took it to a local welding shop and they fixed it with a new tap for $40. splitting the cases was not hard, though a 2-stroke is much less complex than a four stroke, don't let it scare you, its not rocket science.
  5. whitemanind

    Honda crf 450 06-07 or Ktm 450 sx 06-07?

    I am in the same position. I am coming from a 00 YZ250 and have been stuck between a Honda and a KTM 450. I do believe that I am going to get an 06 Honda, but the only reason I skipped the KTM is the lack of after market and factory parts availability, in the US. Otherwise I would ride orange any day.
  6. whitemanind

    check these graphics out

    Those were most likely made by a custom graphics shop. I priced out a set of graphics for my 00YZ (since there is nothing out there) and he was at the same price. 150$ for a full set, any design or color i wanted. Cool as hell but wont last long unless you ride sand only.
  7. whitemanind

    What year to get...00-01-02 yz250

    I have a 00YZ 250, very awesome bike I may need to be corrected but I believe the motors from 98-01 were the same and some Mags have gone as far as saying these years were the best motors Yamaha put out. I believe I read that in 04 any way something along that line. I have had some port & polishing done to the intake and shaved the head, I am 6'4 260 and I have to say that this bike still gets it even with my fat ass on it. I am going to be buying a 06-07 crf450 here in the next couple weeks, but I will be keeping the YZ. The only place I find the YZ disappoints me is in the dunes or on big long hill climbs. Otherwise it kicks, I love how flickable it is compared to some of the 450's I have ridden.
  8. whitemanind

    07 450 4-speed?

    First I would like to start of and say that I am shopping for a 450. I have my eye set on the Honda or the KTM. I do not do much track riding, single track, dunes, and natural gaps mostly. I have not heard anything bad about the KTM 4spd but anyone who has rode a JAP 4spd has hated it, any thoughts? Also I have read before that the SX models had interchangeable gears with EXC models, swapping the six speed EXC gears into an SX case. Is this mod still possible with the new 07's? I really want the 450SX but I am scared.
  9. whitemanind

    Fun & cheap: Banshee?

    I say go for the banshee, unless you were going to do some serious competetive racing the banshee kicks ass in power. My 02' can still beat 450's mod for mod in a straight line. However I will tell you that the suspension sucks, that is the biggest reason they handle bad. I put on some +2+1 A-arms and dual rate works shocks and it made a world of a difference. Other mods, T5 pipes, removed airbox w/K&N's, twist throttle, TORS removed, and jet kit. I loved it, it flat out rips and does not stop. It is also a 02' and has not been rebuilt, as long as you have them jetted properly, and run the proper fuel mixture they runn forever. And the only banshees to stay away from are pre 89', those ones had the J-arm suspension and you dont want that. I also have a 02' 400ex and it is a dog, the handleing I think is worse than the banshee, and it is way under powered. I only ride it when I want to go smash some new trails, it works well for trail bashing but that about it to me. My girl friend has an 05' yfz450 and it is definetley more stable and balanced, much better for racing, power is not so exciting but it is not slow either. I would not buy an older raptor, a friend had one and raced it, it only lasted one season, his trany went out and he broke his frame at the rise by the gas tank. I was not impressed when I rode it either. I say buy a banshee or yfz450.
  10. whitemanind

    YZ's prone to cold fouling?

    A well tuned bike of any make should not foul plugs, as I said before my 00' yz250 that has been ported and polished with a shorty silencer has never had problems. I however did not do this work, my cousin did it before I bought it so I am not sure on what jetting he has done. Even with my 02' banshee in stock form and after I added pipes and removed air box never fould plugs. If you think your jetting is spot on, then stop ridding it with the choke on, thats all i can say.
  11. whitemanind

    2006 yz for me?

    We are like twins, I also am 6'4 and weigh 270. I have a 00' yz250 and love it, it has however been been ported and polished for more low end, it has a stock bore and a stock head pipe, with a shorty silencer, I bumped the rear sprocket up two teeth and I love it. I have ridden a 06 crf450 and honestley would tell you that if I would buy a new bike that would be the one. The yz250 has the power to put you on your ass, it is just a different riding style compared to the 450's. I love my 2-smoke though.
  12. whitemanind

    YZ's prone to cold fouling?

    My 00' YZ250 never has problems. I honestley can never even remember changing a plug because it fouled, somtimes it loads up real bad when cold but it alway cleans out. But always remeber it is better to foul a plug than cold rev it to keep it from fouling.
  13. whitemanind

    1999 YZ 250 Opinions

    I would highley recomend that bike, I am 6'4 260lbs, I have a 00' yz250. My bike is valved for a 240 lb rider (who I bought it from), and has been ported and polished, it has v-force reeds, a stock pipe, and a shorty silencer, If I advance the timeing and run trick in it flat out rips. With stock timeing and and pump gas it is still a tractor of a motor, I belive 99'-01' yz's all had the same motor and it is known for it's great power and reliablity. It has been rebuilt only four times in the past 6yrs, and has not been babyed at all. However the last rebuild there was a very small groove in the cylinder wall and i has effected performance, after this year it is going to get ompletley refurbished. Of course the port work that my bike has makes a huge difference, but it can be done for $500-$800, and is completley worth it, the power band is very smooth and comes on like a 4-stroker. Let us know what your decision is.
  14. whitemanind

    Crazy 3-wheeler Dude...

    That was some good shit, the last time I rode a three wheeler I was ten and ran into my aunts car LOL. I want another one With a CR500 motor
  15. whitemanind

    Banshee Vs Raptor 700R

    My 2002 banshee with pipes, airfilters, and a jet kit will beat 450's (quads) of stock to the same mod types all day in the oregon dunes. I had 3yr's of hauling my fat ass around on that thing and never rebuilt it. And to this day it still beats 450's (quads), Raptor 660's are a cake walk compared to 450's. The suspension is worthless though if you plan to jump it, i actually liked the handling almost better than my girlfriends YFZ450 but then again i am used to the Banshee. It has been around for 20yrs and is still kicking ass. Just my $.02