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  1. Bigb99

    06 Kx450 rear end

    I have an 06' kx450. I weigh 185 and a novice level rider. The rear of the bike tends to swap side to side going through whoops (mainly roller type). Any suggestions on what I should do adjustment wise to help with the problem? -thanks-
  2. ok....Im really new to this helmet cam deal. Do I need to carry a backpack with a camcorder to make this work? How do the supercross helmet cams work. I know there not carrying a camcorder around with them. Im want to do the helmet cam thing but not willing to carry around a backpack. What does everyone do around here? Thanks! Brian
  3. Bigb99

    Leak jet. Where to buy online?

    No they will not. Just tried. Update. Just Ordered one from the local shop. I got a good parts guy finally. Ill have to get his name. Thanks to everyone.
  4. Bigb99

    Leak jet. Where to buy online?

    Is it possible to buy pn 16159-1054 Leak jet online? I hate to go to my local shop. Not the best service. Thanks!
  5. That was not the main track at lemx. But yes lemx is also very dry and dusty at times. Starwest is a lot smaller and its only one track. Its a lot tighter but is always very fun and watered pretty good.. Plust the lighting is fairly good and its open till 10pm great for summer nights.
  6. I second the detent nut. I had same problem and the same fix.
  7. Bigb99

    yosh or PC??

    do you have any pics with fmf pipe on the bike?
  8. Bigb99

    Another possible "detent bolt" issue?

    Thanks for all the help. But ive taken it apart and back together a couple times now. And it still wont spin with the clutch engaged. Unless someone has a magic fix im about to take to the shop. Anyone know of any good shops in the Corona California area? Im not taking it back to the dealer they can shove it there not getting anymore of my money.
  9. Bigb99

    Another possible "detent bolt" issue?

    Also a heads up. My problem was not actually the "detent" bolt. If you look on 6-4 of the service manual it was nut #6 the Gear set lever nut. That backed out and the associated linkage with it.
  10. Bigb99

    Another possible "detent bolt" issue?

    Im thinking it has to be number 1 or 2. and im leaning more towards number 2. I dont have a inch/per lb toq wrench. How critical is it that the clutch springs be tightened to the toq specs? and is there a certain pattern I should follow? Thanks to all who have helped!
  11. Bigb99

    Another possible "detent bolt" issue?

    I did contact the dealer. And they wanted 105 just to look at it. I need to find a better dealer.
  12. Bigb99

    Another possible "detent bolt" issue?

    ok I got everything back together. And it shifts normal again. But now I have another problem, the clutch is not fully disengaging when in gear and pulled in. I can pull the clutch in all the way and the rear tire is still spinning. My clutch lever seems loose ive tried adjusting it but to no avail. Maybe i put the clutch back wrong. (It looked like it was working when it was apart). So any help from fellow thumpertalk'ers would really be great. I just want to get out and ride again. And this just bugs me everyday that my brand new bike is just parked. Thanks Brian
  13. Bigb99

    Another possible "detent bolt" issue?

    Popped the right side off and low and behold. Ive got bolts nuts and linkage sitting in the bottom of the engine cover. So I just need to get the Clutch basket off to check what else has fallen off. Then try and re-install it all the way its supposed to go with plenty of locktite. I will try to get some pics.
  14. This past weekend went out to the local track did a few warm up laps. Parked the bike rested and headed back out to the track when the bike started mis shifting. Now I have nuetral between every gear and when I stop I cant even get it back into gear. It sounds like its going into gear but when the clutch is released nothing happens. So from other threads ive read it sounds like it might be the "detent bolt" I have about 1 1/2 tanks of gas through the bike. Im pretty sure its not "wear and tear" so im hoping its something easy to fix My question is do i have to remove the clutch basket to get to the "detent bolt". Or should I be more worried about taking it to the dealer for a good will warranty if possible? Any help with either question would be great. Thanks Brian