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    TE 610 - Couple simple mods

    Before I bought new sprockets I wanted to know more about what affect a change like this might have. So ... I found this niffty and simple to use XLS file. I would give credit to the author but if you google Gearing_V12 they seem to be everywhere. Anyway ... all I did was change some variables to what I thought would be correct for the TE610 and put it on my website in case anyone else might find it handy. Click Me I also did some more searching on this forum and saw a reference to 13/50 ... Plugging those values in it looks to me like it should still be "streetable" ... maybe you'd want to stay off the Interstate but I'd think 55 mph would be attainable without too much bother. Anyone know what combos might require chain length modification? I'd imagine you could go down a tooth on the CS without needing to take a link out ... but ... trying to think about other combos ... well ... everything is just a guess. Any input?
  2. I had my first chance to take the bike out and get'er dirty on Monday. We were riding some really rocky and slow trails and I expected the weight of the bike to be more of a factor than it ended up being. The only thing I noticed was the front end seemed more likely to "wash out" than I expected even just riding mildly. I'm not much of a mechanic but after my first dirt ride there are two things I think I wanna do ... 1. Taken from: http://rickramsey.net/TE610mods.htm I'm gonna go up one tooth in the rear Drive Systems 520 Steel Rear Sprocket - Husqvarna - 46 Drive Systems 520 Steel Rear Sprocket - Husqvarna - 46 $34.95 And down one tooth on the CS Drive Systems Chromoly Steel Front Sprocket - Husqvarna - 14 Drive Systems Chromoly Steel Front Sprocket - Husqvarna - 14 $19.95 Other than the looks and weight of the sprocket I guess a sprocket is a sprocket aye? 2. Prolly gonna fix up the kickstand as alot-o-folks have pointed out. Try and get rid of the auto retract "feature". Also ... even on the TE which apparently has a longer kick stand ... I wouldn't mind adding some overall length and more width to the base of the kickstand.
  3. M12

    So happy but yet so sad

    Sweet! There it was ... a dangling blue wire ... big as life! The Internet and of course the people that contribute in such a positive manner can sometimes make life grand! Thanks thanks thanks sssooo much!!! w00t!
  4. M12

    So happy but yet so sad

    Thanks for the tips! I saw this in another post: "The blue wire reaches the battery neg on my '08 TE610, but it didn't until I turned the battery around. It was mounted reversed and the main cables were stretched tight so they could be connected to the correct battery posts. After the swap, they reach just fine, as well as the blue wire. A picture in the Owner's Manual was the tip-off, as well as the unconnected blue wire." My battery seems to be in the correct way ... but ... I see no blue wire. Guess you gotta pull the tank to see the regulator? Also ... one other thing that seems odd on mine is the little "starter" lever thingy by the clutch seems to stick. It looks like it should come out and go back on it's own but mine needs pushed back when pulled out. Is that just a fast idle for the EFI or is that a compression release?
  5. I just picked up my new 08 TE 610 last evening. Rode it home approx 70 miles in the rain all the way ... smiling the entire time! Got close to home and then it died. Seems like electrical to me. The battery is basically dead. I pulled it out and put it on charge this morning. I'm brand new to Husky bikes ... not sure what to think. Any ideas?
  6. and I wanted to say, "Thanks!" to everyone on this forum for the input over the years. I joined up in 2006 and asked a few questions about replacing my street bike with a 610. I decided not to do it and instead replaced my street bike with a diff street bike. Now ... I'm gonna grab up a TE610 and hope I'm happy. Having never ridden one before ... I have to admit that I'm still abit nervous about spending the cash but I think I'm making the right decision. I'm going to be 99% dirt and 1% street ... however the dirt riding is almost entirely relaxed trails with the occasional small hill climb or mud bog. I wanted the 610 because of the buddy pegs and less freq maintenance schedule. The buddy pegs cause I often rid my oldest daughter and I have another little one that is nearing an appropriate age for trail riding. The less freq maint schedule because I can do routine things like oil changes and whatnot ... but ... I wanted something that will be able to go as long as possible before major work is required. Hooray!
  7. I've been drooling over a husky for too long and I want to see one in my garage before next summer. I can wait ... no pressure there ... But I'm wondering what everyone else thinks? 2008 now (I think I can still find one) or 2009 later? Surely the TE610 is planned for 2009 aye?
  8. M12

    New to Husqvarna

    Thanks for your replies! I hate worrying about rather I'm making the right decision or not ... so ... I'm just gonna wait until I get a chance to test out a dualsport bike on the road. Even if it's a DRZ ... that'll at least gimme a feel for what 30 miles @ 70mph feels like on a dualsport!
  9. M12

    New to Husqvarna

    I was hoping to replace the street bike ... I dunno ... me confused ... The most practical direction is prolly just to be happy with what I have in the garage and forget all this new bike nonsense! {;-) Sorry for buggin' ... but ... damn those TE's just look so sweet!
  10. M12

    New to Husqvarna

    What I'm trying to do is replace the ol' Superhawk but actually get something that will let me hit the dirt as well. I was hoping the 510 would be more "streetable" ... Having never owned a dualsport I'm basically not sure if I should just keep my streetbike for the street and my dirt bike in the dirt. I dunno what I was hoping for by posting this in the first place ... Guess I was hoping someone might have some advice on "conveincing" the dealer to let me take it for a spin or maybe someone might know of a dealer within a couple hundred miles that might not have issue with a fella doing such. I've never bought a car without a test drive ... don't think I can buy a bike that-a-way either.
  11. M12

    New to Husqvarna

    Hardly ever get past third gear on the CRF. That's not to say that from time to time I don't wish I had more power but most of my riding is slow tight trails, a few small hill climbs and I love getting muddy!
  12. M12

    New to Husqvarna

    I've been lurking about these forums for quite abit and finally decided to register and post this thread. I've been wanting a new bike for some time ... my current street ride is a '98 Honda Superhawk and my trail ride is a CRF230. I bought the CRF230 to trail ride with my boy ... and ... since all I need to do is keep up with his Honda 70 the 230 works fine. I thought about buying a bigger faster street bike but my riding style has changed and I have noticed that I seldom mount the street machine. I really do want/need a light bike for trail riding and therefore was considering the TE510. The problem is that I'm not sure I could "tolerate" the bike as a dualsport for street ridng and would love to be able to test drive one abit before sinking $7k. Otherwise ... it would just be a bigger faster dirt bike and that's not really what I'm after. But ... the closest dealer near me (which is still 1.5 hrs away) will not allow test drives ... says the insurance is too high. I can almost guess what to expect ... but ... I don't want to guess. I live in Grantsville, MD 21536 ... Any suggestions?