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  1. sushimaximus

    Are Reed and Bubba riding Orlando

    They'd better be, I didn't pay for those tickets for nothing!
  2. sushimaximus

    Help vertically chalenged

    I just sold my cr125 and i'm going to get a crf450. the cr125 was a great bike to learn on, but once i rode my friends 450, i was hooked.
  3. sushimaximus

    Help vertically chalenged

    You probably would prefer a 4 stroke. 2 strokes require a lot of clutching out of the corners and have less horse power. So i would recommend a crf250. Good luck.
  4. Motocross is definitely one of the toughest cardiovascular sport next to soccer. It is in the top five as far as strength is concerned also. I used to play basketball alot and thought i was always in real good shape. Now when i get back to the court, I don't even get close to breathing hard like i do when i'm on the track. This sport is the best sport ever.