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  1. cOuA

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    thanks ! the exhaust is a "spes" enduro exhaust- 92db
  2. cOuA

    Contact info for DOMA exhaust?

    here : http://www.langstonracing.com/eshopdetail_cat_2458.Doma_Exhaust.htm
  3. Hello ! This is my video of the last french supermoto championship stage : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klG6kiPckcE have fun !!
  4. cOuA

    Genève SM Show

    and you can see the pics here : http://21shots.lamayonnaise.com/sxgeneve011206/sxgeneve011206.html and others on the web site...
  5. cOuA

    Genève SM Show

    the first ? just jack - writer's block
  6. Hello ! This is my new video of the supermoto show of Genève !! sm show and an old one of fred fiorentino : fiostar have fun:thumbsup:
  7. no fan for the french supermoto chanpionship????
  8. Hello ! This is my new production : french supermoto championship in Vichy : http://couaproduction.lamayonnaise.com/vichy.html have fun !!!
  9. cOuA

    New video cOuAproduction

    thanks for your congratulations ! It was just the second time that Jeff drive his bike !!! Imagine in a few week!!!
  10. hello ! after my best video 2005, i present you my first video for 2006 : http://couaproduction.lamayonnaise.com/video/carole.mpg sorry for my bad english !