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  1. Dirtfiend

    Cal City mining tower

    Yeah thats the place. There were two of them. One was that really well kept one with inlaid tile and a Joshua tree and a little cooking area. We used to stage from there a lot and crack a beer open after a ride and just hang out because it was just a nice place to hang out. We went there one weekend and wen't down the little road and there was just a pile of coals and a burnt joshua tree. Happened back in March of 2012 I beleive. It was like a kick in the nuts. No one ever got caught either. One is still standing last I checked, but its kinda trashed with garbage and shot up, and people have used certain rooms as their own personal bathrooms.
  2. Dirtfiend

    Cal City mining tower

    This pisses me off so much. Its bad enough we've lost a few of those miner cabins near Guller Gulch and now this? Its was a very important landmark and historical site. I hate people.
  3. I know this has been covered a lot on the forums, and everytime I try and find in formation on the matter I get even more confused on the legality, and if its possible. I see answers saying yes, my friend just did it, and others saying no its impossible. The last search I did here before I posted this thread I ran across a thread covering the matter, and it made it all seem possible assuming you followed the information located here. http://www.bajadesigns.com/tech-info Can anyone clarify the matter for me? I've literally been everywhere on the desert and I'd really like to explore more places, but unfortunately it requires paved road travel for new stuff. My bike is an 05 CRF 250x. Sorry for bringing up an old topic.
  4. Dirtfiend

    Husky Memorial -- February 13th

    I'll get on that right away. I just have to grade and then pave the road to it. And add 500 more memorials.
  5. Dirtfiend

    Husky Memorial -- February 13th

    So does the Husky have a Starbucks and a Pottery Barn built out there yet?
  6. Dirtfiend

    Garmin SD or DVD's/CD's

    Dont buy those, buy the Topo 24k dvd. You can save memory and add more maps to your existing memory card and still download other peoples data.
  7. Dirtfiend

    Legal to Cross the 14 at Dove

    Yes its fine. Just dont ride it on the shoulder or anything. Simply crossing is fine.
  8. Dirtfiend

    Ask the Ridgecrest Chief Area Ranger

    Which Parts of Last Chance are State Park property? From a map i have it looks like only certain parts are marked as SP. Other areas further in the canyon are not marked which I assume is BLM land. I dont want to break the law for target shooting.
  9. By bro, I hope you mean brother, and not the flat bill wearing, mouth breathing, douchenozzles from the 909 with lifted trucks that aren't re-geared.
  10. This is the dude in the red barn looking garage place right? If so that guy is awesome and an all around great person.
  11. Dirtfiend

    GPS for California Trails? Garmin C60Cx or C60CSx

    I will when I get home, im at work right now and dont have it handy. It lacks the shading, but it has everything else.
  12. Dirtfiend

    GPS for California Trails? Garmin C60Cx or C60CSx

    If you're memory card can support it, all of California, because you never know. If you can, get the 24k version of Garmin topo, much more detail. Heres a view of mine from 0.7 miles out. Some of you Desert turds will recognize the area.
  13. Dirtfiend

    Will Gorman be dry by Friday?

    The Dez got dumped on from what I hear from locals out near Randsburg. Lots of washouts and other collarbone friendly things.
  14. Dirtfiend

    Will Gorman be dry by Friday?

    Ok so im alive. Anyways, very muddy. The storm saturated much of the ground to the point where it couldnt hold anymore water. It wasn't raining when I drove through HV, but everything was pretty soupy with some pretty big puddles. It should dry out enough by the weekend to make for some good riding, assuming you think theres good riding in HV P.S. Snow level it still above 8000 feet, no snow on Alamo, just cold and windy. Doesnt change the fact that this weekend will be the best riding conditions in awhile. No dust!!
  15. Dirtfiend

    Will Gorman be dry by Friday?

    Im actually going to run Miller in about an hour or so in my Jeep. I'll give a report with pics.