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  1. nickhitz8

    TTR 125 Rear Disc Brake Conversion kit?

    Does anyone know if their is rear disc brake conversion kit for a ttr-125L?
  2. nickhitz8

    One Tough Bike

    Thats good advice! LOL
  3. nickhitz8

    Whats the go??

    I have a 2002 ttr 125 and I love the bike. I haven't done any performance modifications yet, though I plan to put the BBR frame cradle and change the sprocket sizes and put a big bore kit, and then put stiffer spring in the front and rear.
  4. nickhitz8

    TTR 125 Suspension

    I'm 130 The thing that confuses me is that the fast 50's is stiffer but is cheaper in price which makes me wonder about the truth on the real stiffness of the shock. I was planning to buy the stiffer rear and front springs at the same time.
  5. nickhitz8

    TTR 125 Suspension

    I was wondering whether BBR or Fast 50's has better suspension? BBR states that thier suspension is 30% stiffer than stock. Fast 50's says that their suspension is 60% stiffer than stock. The reason that I ask this question is that Fast 50's (being stronger) is also cheaper in price than the BBR's which is weaker but more expensive. Can anyone give advice on why this is, and which brand would they choose?