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  1. I got the little 80 running yesterday. I was able to find a good std bore jug off of a 2000 model . The piston and head were junk so I had the cyl. bored to fit my .25 over piston . I got a ring set and a piston pin and various other stuff from Service Honda. (great service and prices BTW) The bike runs much better and it will actually idle now but I have a few questions. The plug gets black in a hurry , then the motor loads up and you have to run it hard to clean it out. The bike has the wrong coil on it but there is a condensor mounted right on the coil. I bought a " high performance coil" off Ebay that does not have a condensor on it and the bike won't run at all with that coil on it. My question is, would an 82 bike have a condensor anywhere on the bike or is one even necessary with a mag type ignition. Also , does anyone have a good used OEM coil and bracket that they could sell me? Thanks, Mark 602-769-0346
  2. I 've got a line on a good used cylinder and piston, so I think I'll pop that on along with my refurbished head plus a new chain and the missing guide and see if the bike is usable. Besides, I don't think the bike would be worth more than $100 all in pieces.
  3. Still looking for motor parts and answer about China engines.
  4. I think it's the other way around. I've been trying to find parts for mine for the last ten days. ( see Help! thread)
  5. Boxfan, Please call me or email me a contact # Thanks Mark 602-769-0346
  6. Thanks for the reply. the cylinder measures about.010 more than the spec. Maybe 25 means 1/4th of a mm? The gouge in the bore seems to be from water pitting or rust and is pretty severe. Does anybody make a .030 over piston? It might clean up at that. I actually was able to straighten the valve by putting it in my lathe and tapping on it. I got it to within .002 runout, then I put a skim 45 degree cut on it and lapped it in to the seat. It holds fluid in the chamber now so it might be ok. I found what caused the original problem after looking it all over again. The front cam chain guide was not even there! There was bunch of aluminum in the oil obviously from the chain rubbing. I think I will probably polish up the cam and saddles and run it like that unless somebody has a good used cam and head. What I really need is good used piston and barrel assembly. I was able to fish the cam chain out through the seal hole so i'll just replace that and the seal. Anybody have any motor parts lying around?
  7. Does anyone on here have any motor parts for sale? Anyone actually build these motors; either professionally or as a hobby? Am I on the wrong forum? Thanks
  8. Thanks. I've seen some stuff on EBay but I don't want to wait a week + shipping time. Do you have an outlet for those China engines? Do they make a replacement for the XR 80's?
  9. Well, my little 82 XR 80 pit bike expired this weekend. I kicked it and it must have jumped cam timing at that point. It bent the intake valve to the point there was no compression and it wouldn't run after I put the chain back on where it belonged. I tore it all down and this is what I found: Cylinder full of pits and rust marks. Piston is marked 25. Is this an oversize bore already? Head cam saddles are all worn and chewed up and the cam is scuffed too, even the lobes. I can get another oversize piston and have it bored, but I'm at a loss about the head. Are these things just throw aways? non rebuildable? I'm not sure if I want to install perf. cam or just a replacement. Any recommendations? I really need to get this bike running to use it in a few weeks, so I'm looking for some parts for it. I could use a decent head, cam, chain and maybe even a usable jug and piston combo. I'd even be interested in a whole running motor for a reasonable amount. Please call me @ 602-769-0346 9 am till 12 M, MST, or email me at Thanks in advance Mark
  10. Thanks, I've seen this thread before. I had the advancer off and it appear to be like new. Once it returns to base timing, it should have an idle speed of some kind. Not so with mine. Same if the throttle cable or slide sticks which it doesn't, it should return to a set idle. I did notice that after I took it around the block the other day, that the idle was real high afterwards, then it eventually went down to where it stalled. Maybe the plug got cleaned off and then it loaded up again. I'm leaning towards the coil now, seeing that the plug it always black and sooted up . Once I replace it, we'll know what it was (or maybe what it wasn't)
  11. Yes, it is an orifice about halfway down . It seems to be about .015 ,stock. Apparently , it clogs real easy. Unfortunately that's not my problem.
  12. Thanks for the reply. That's kinda what I was looking for. Someone who actually has compared the different year carbs. I figured the jetting was probably different in the later years. From the pictures on Ebay that I've seen, they all look the same. No resto, just a pit bike. I'm just trying to get it to idle. It acts like a vacuum leak, but it's not. Yes, I took the carb apart ( about 9 times). The pilot jet and idle system looks fine. I thought I'd just try a different carb at this point. I doubt that I'll put a CD ignition on it. I only paid $300 for the whole bike . The last one I had , had points and it ran fine for 15 years. I did order a coil though. The one on it is not correct and it won't fit up under the tank where it belongs. Mark
  13. Then again, maybe not, Tdub?
  14. They better be sending it if they're hitting your charge card. Thanks for the info
  15. Sorry, you're right . Forgot this wasn't a specific XR 80 section. The bike is a 1982 XR 80. Thanks