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  1. slo_r1

    Show Me Your LED Tailights

    1000rr tail light. Subframe had to be cut, fender is trimmed as well. The license plate is not legal but it's been like that for a year. It doesn't seem to bother the local PD
  2. slo_r1

    How many miles out of your stock SM tires?

    Wow I must ride like an old lady. I bought the bike with 3300 miles, it had a new conti sm on the rear and the stock dunlop on the front. I made it to just over 8k before I changed the front and rear to bt016's. So 8k on the front and 5k on the rear. They were both beat.
  3. Not sure how far you are from Rochester NY http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=870685
  4. slo_r1

    New Suzuki Supermoto Bike !!!

    I saw that one too. I usually check craigslist every morning.
  5. I'm not to far from there. There are some beautiful roads in the finger lakes area but everything off of the roads is private land. Back to the origional topic. In NY you can't title anything that has a title marked off road. Many people get around this by registering the bike in VT obtaining a title that does not say off road. Then re registering it in NY. I ran into a guy at a car show that had a plated CR500 all sumo'd he said it was registered out of state first.
  6. It sounds like ny....no not NY city upstate near lake ontario. Hell there is a road in the adirondacks that is open to car's but the DEC will beat you down if you try to ride a street legal bike on it. I guess back in the 70's the bikers would hang out on that road so they closed it to motorcycles. I'm planning on moving as soon as my wife finishes school. We call it New Taxes and Fees York.
  7. slo_r1

    The riding game.

    It's not a live Cow but a cool cow with big sunglasses. Next chalange a Lake or Reservoir.
  8. 1986 KLR 250 She was a beast. I've since upgraded to a drz
  9. slo_r1

    Same question - new person

    I regeared my SM with a 16t front sproket (+1 over stock) I have done 200+ miles at 65 with no problems yet. The seat is another story.
  10. slo_r1

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Rode it for the first time in a week......it was a lovely 28 degrees out this morning. I need to get some heated grips.
  11. slo_r1

    DRZ 400SM Gas Mileage

    58 from daily commuting from my SM mostly highway at 65-70. RS-2 3x3 dynojet with a 16t sprocket. I must ride like a grandma.
  12. slo_r1

    Wheelie question...

    I use clutch to get it up in first about 5-10 mph. Then shift through the gears 1st to 5th. <--- (cuz I can't balance for some reason) I give it a quick blip just before I shift then quickly clutch (1/2 way or so) then click the next gear. Been there many times. Mabey my shifter foot needs to hit the gym.
  13. I used Truck bed coating on my old KLR then coated it with krylon fusion. Cheap and seemed to hold up ok plus it looked mean We had a warm day in FEB ~50. Gotta ride any chance you can
  14. slo_r1

    Long distance wheelie question

    A buddy of mine. If you look close he almost gets his plate on the ground a few times.