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  1. Ebbett

    Vandalism at its best...

    funny, but looks like photo shop. busted
  2. Ebbett

    SDG questions

    where are you gettting the bike and how much?
  3. Ebbett

    I'm so mad at cheaters.

    Love the MoM. I'm building a 110 for MoM. I don't care about bars and stuff I think that is ok, you don't wan't people racing with stock bars it's not safe. Whats so creative about calling up powroll and dropping 1500 on your stocker. Engine should be OEM stock. you want to mod your engine then race mod class. Stock is the best class but only if we are all running the same power. As far as peeps like bbr having input on the rules not cool they are making money off these loopholes.
  4. Ebbett

    I'm so mad at cheaters.

    Thanks for the support. It was the powroll ad in minimoto that got me steamed because it says maxxis minimoto sx mm10 legal up grades, billet cams for stock head, stroke your stock crank, Ti clutch weights, stock carb and intake mods, stock head bore. What the hell all these mods are not legal in stock class. They put mm10 in there because they know mm10 has no limit to upgrades. Powroll is spitting in your face minimoto. It's like having a Steroid ad in sports illustrated. I going to show up with a jet pack on my back, it's not in the rules.
  5. Ebbett

    I'm so mad at cheaters.

    I would love to go to Vegas for the Mini moto sx race and race stock 50 class. But cheaters have found loopholes in the rules. Powroll even has a ad in mini moto magazine with all the cheater mods. The hole point of stock class is the engine is to be stock and may the best rider win. Not the guy who drops the most money into there engine. They have a class for that it's called mod. The rules say you can change your piston it does not say you can use high comp pistons. If you change your piston it is only to replace with OEM pistons you cheating loosers. all parts must remain OEM cam, pistons, fly, clutch, carb, crank, rotor, and what ever else you think will make your bike faster. If you have modded these parts you are to race mod class not stock. This was a long rant but I realy want to go to Vegas, but for me to spend all my money just to get beat buy some one that cheats would burn my ass. Lets fix this problem. call or e mail the guy's at mini moto and tell them to cover up these loopholes.
  6. Ebbett

    Track Building tips

    The best tip is. Take your time build then ride, build ride, build ride, build ride. You get the point. My guess is you can't jump so the best advice I can give to some one that want's jumps but don't know how is. Build what you think will be good then hit it if you like then keep if not change. You will be a better rider that way. O ya don't burrie stuff bad idea makes more work in the long run and looks like sh!+
  7. Ebbett

    Daytona SX pics

    6'2" 230 Your to big to mess with. Don't poke the bear. Nice pics. Chad looks like some one died.
  8. Ebbett

    pretty insane jump

    holy crap! I have been on a ski jump hill and they are very steep scary steep. I can't beleve he made it up. so nuts. must have started down in 5th gear.
  9. Ebbett

    Some AMAZING pitbikers ...

    Pit bikes are the best back yard fun. no back yard game can tuch it. Take the game out of the yard not so great. You play whiffle ball in the back yard and you play base ball at the feild. same deal.
  10. Ebbett

    mototown accident

    CO2 is to high in that place and jumps are to small. Bigger jumps not in distance but hight are safer slower and more fun. The jumps at mototown are some of the worst I have ever seen. When sh!t goes wrong on high speed little jumps it's over. The racing sucks there to cuz it doesent matter if you have scrub skills every one goes the same speed. The jumps are flat high speed death traps. Build real jumps in rhythm and slow down the pace. Riders will have way more fun and the good guys will be loving life as they scrub lips and make faster laps with skill not motor. Bubba's bike and Ferry's bike are the same.
  11. Ebbett

    Has everyone gotten stupid?

    Real pit bikes like crf50s with little mods like bars and spings. a real back yard bike. no need for moto boot. big moto pit bikes with 5gs of mods. real boots are a must.
  12. Ebbett

    Awesome K Dub Video

    K-dub Just murderd that track. The two best riders in the world are Malcom Smith and Kevin Windham. Done.
  13. Ebbett

    Sick CRF150R!

    my bad not stock.
  14. Ebbett

    Sick CRF150R!

    If so trick why stock bars? Bike could look cool if __________. if it had pink plastic and mirrors with some nice reflectors and yup that would be sick.
  15. Ebbett

    making a stock 50 faster

    Keep it stock air box to tail pipe. Honda knows what they are doing. The stock bore and head love the air box and pipe it needs the restrictions. I was 2nd at the masters of minis on a bone stock engine, carb, air box, and pipe. 6'5" 180lbs. I have a stocker and a 88 they both go the same top speed the 88 just gets there quicker. If you mod your sons bike then you are saying its ok to cheat. I think you should get a stop watch check lap times and work on your sons corner speed. Get that cheater on a stocker. It will be sweet you and your son will be smiling for days.