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  1. Cool comments guys, I haven't made any mods to this bike yet. It will go 60mph on a flat surface but thats really pushing it. The only modifications I've made so far is replaced nearly all the screws, and some bolts to stainless steel also I changed the headlight bulb to a halogen. I had to make some adjustments to the headlight assembly to get it to fit. One major complaint I have is that the chain adjustment its difficult to get it just right. Other than that and the vibration it seems to have at hight speeds, its been a great beginner bike! I'll be making another long distance ride on it next month can't wait, I am looking at getting one of those helmet cams, and get some video and sound.
  2. Update: I made it!!! 376miles round trip sorry I wasn’t able to update this sooner. I made the trip two weeks ago, it wasn't as smooth as I thought but it was a learning experience and fun.... First off if you plan on riding a small bike (200cc's) 376 miles, you should probably do it over 3 or 4 days not 2 days like I did. Not to say that it wasn't enjoyable, I think its just its a little too much especially in the mountians when the weather can change on you in a heart beat. I went from sunshine to wind to rain to snow. I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. When it got cold below 40 degrees I didn't have the right cold weather gear, if your going to go above 9000 feet even in late spring bring a winter coat!!!..... The gear I took with me was 1. tool box mounted on the rear rack, in the tool box I took one cresent wrench, screw drivers, knife, alen wrenches, spare bulbs, fuses, electrical tape, pliers, wire, tire presure gauge, two tubes one 21 inch and one 18 inch, super glue, socket set, two vise grips one small and one large, extra screws and bolts. 2. I wore a back pack with my rain gear, one extra jacket, cold weather gloves ( saved me), extra socks, and clothes, phone (make sure your phone is fully charged turn it off until you need it I was dumb and forgot to turn mine off it almost ran out of charge) and a camera. That's basicly all I took... First day I drove 172 miles from Steamboat Springs CO to Boulder CO. I started early about 6 am I should have known by how cold it was that I needed a winter coat. But I thought "oh it will warm up as the day goes on". As I got up on rabbit ears pass the highest point being a little over 10,000 feet things started to get really cold I couldn't wait to get down the other side I didn't stop for over 50 miles until I got to the next town Kremling where there was a coffee shop. I got warmed up and 30 mins later I was on my way again, then just out of Kremiling it started raining and lasted nearly to Boulder. This was when it got miserable going up the next pass over the divide it started to snow and hail. The bike didn't like the higher altitudes too much and wouldn't start easily after I had shut it off. I mainly just stayed on the main roads because by this time I was wet, cold and miserable. By the time I was half way thru the first day I just wanted to get to boulder and made no stops until I ran out of gas about 124 miles into the trip. Man I should have known not to trust what that manual said about how big my fuel tank was, it said that it had over 3 gallons it only had a 2 gallon tank. Luckly I was on a down hill and there was a gas station about a mile down the road. I made it to Boulder before it started to rain there, I realized this is not the bike to take long distances. Sore all over I started thinking about my trip this first day didn’t make me enthusiastic about getting up only to go back in thru the elements. When i stopped for the night the few beers I had really tasted great, I found a hotel and went to bed. It took me 6 hours I made 5 stops once for fuel and 4 to get warm. The next day was awesome, it was sunny just as I was hoping. I got some breakfast, I checked the bike out, fueled up again and headed to Central City, nice easy ride up US 6 thru a winding canyon road. I did some gambling when I got to Central City lost money so I decided it was time to go. On the way back I took a detour off road, "Oh My God Road" A Jeep road with 500 foot drop offs. Not that technical a road for a bike but I got a little over confident and started down a steep stretch a little too fast and the bike slid out from under me on a washboard turn. I landed on my left knee and handle bar. I ended up bending the handle bar, the shifter and broke the clutch handle. That really screwed up what I thought was going to be a good day back. Anyway I was able to make repairs and still use the clutch with what was left of the handle, it wasn't easy though. When I made it back to Kremling I stopped by a friends house and did some trail riding for about an hour or so. After that I just rode straight back to Steamboat. As I got over the pass and as I was headed into Steamboat the bike started to sound different I didn't know what was wrong until I got home and found that one of the front bolts from the engine to the exhaust pipe had broken off. It took me 7 ½ hours to get back. Looks like I'll have a lot of work to do. All in all it was a good trip, things I would do differently are take more time, take more pictures, take a friend, bring more layers of clothes, get some better "WATER PROOF BOOTS" and bring some tylenol, first aid kit! PICTURES WILL BE UP LATER TODAY!
  3. Thanks a lot for the info! You guys mentioned a lot of things I wouldn't have thought about. I will post pics and let you know about any break downs I might have had along the way. I have seven days off so if I encounter any problems I'll have time to work them out. As far as how old the bike is its only a month and a half old but I have put a little over 500 miles on it so far everything has been working like it should. I have adjusted the chain once already replaced a couple light bulbs, fuses, changed the oil,and it seems like its running better all the time so I think I'll be ok. I want to see what this bike is capable of, if I have any type of major break down I can always get someone to come and help me out. I'm not going to take any risks on this ride just want to see what I am capable of and what this little bike will do over a two day period. Thanks for all the good info!!! I'll be leaving next monday morning and hopefully be back tuesday night..........
  4. Hi what should I bring on a 340 mile round trip on my Roketa RKM-200E5. I'll be going over two Mountian Passes and riding on paved and non paved roads and trails. What do you more experienced riders think I should take. I'll take pictures a long the way and post them when I get back
  5. The speedo works perfectly on mine with the bushing on the inside, weird.
  6. Hey Thunga let me know what you find out about the sprockets which ones you replace I am thinking about doing that too but not right away.
  7. Argynon, Yeah at first I made the mistake your making, I ended up tearing my cable up and I had to order a new one. The company I bought it from sent me one for free but it took them about 2 weeks to get it to me. What you need to do is get the small bushing on the inside between the wheel and the speedo housing. If you don;t it will bind up and you'll tear your speedo cable apart. Also before I put it together I put some gear grease in the speedo housing to loosen it up a little after I did that it has worked fine. It seems to me like its reading pretty close to what it should be. Good luck!
  8. What type pants do you have maybe i should think about getting some if they really help. As far as the fuel filter goes the part break down booklet they gave me doesn't list it, and I haven't taken the petcock apart yet to check so I'm not sure if it does or doesn't have a fuel filter. I ordered black heres some pics
  9. Hey I bought a RKM-200E5 about a month and a half ago put it together myself. It would be easier to have a extra hand though especially getting the front wheel on if you don't have a jack stand. As far as the prep all I did was change the oil, and put 20/50 motorcycle oil in it. A strange thing that this bike does is if you kill the engine accidentally it will burn out your main electrical fuse. You will know that you burned out your fuse when the starter doesn't work. I had to buy some extra just in case. Also I replaced several body panel screws with stanless steel ones. The brake light switch I had to adjust to get it to work right. Something I might replace eventually is the seat. Its like sitting on a rock especially on long rides, I think I could get one made or rather this one redone so it more comfortable. Other than that I have really enjoyed riding it. Its getting awsome mpg's and for my first bike I think I made the right desision getting it!!!
  10. Yes the swing arm is steel, the lower portion of the front shocks are aluminum though along with several small parts on the bike. 2006 Roketa RKM-200E5
  11. Ok thanks for the info, I think its worth what I paid for it considering the alternatives. This is my first bike ever, so I don't plan on doing jumps, just going to do some easy trail riding and getting around town. Maybe In a couple years or so I'll be able to get a KLR650
  12. It is definately painted so I am guessing it is steel underneath. I don't think you would have to paint aluminum just to make it sparkel more. I'm not going to scratch the paint off to find out but your probably right that it is steel. The bike was weighted at 323lbs in the box, I bet it is some where just under 300lbs by its self. The shock is adjustable on the back not sure how to adjust it yet, there is an aluminum type of bottle on the side that is connected thru a hose to the mono shock, I am thinking it must be some sort of dampener, it seems like most of the brand name bikes have them.
  13. I am 5'11''s tall the rear wheel is a 18 inch but the seat is lower than your bike. It probably looks small since the motorcycle and I are on an incline. All in all its pretty comfortable to ride, I don't feel like its too small when I'm on it.
  14. Heres what a Roketa RKM-200ES looks like... need to take some more pics I got mine from but if I had it to do over again I would probably get one from
  15. Yeah for some reason on their site the list this engine as 61x49.5 but in the manual it says 63.0 x 62 so I am not sure what it is. I have a RKM-200E5.