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    Mexico's Political Climate

    At this point 99% of the problems/unrest is in Mexico City where the sore loser has a following. At one of the government buildings in Ensenada there has been a small daily gathering of protesters. By small I mean maybe a dozen people of retirement age. There is no more danger to Americans today then there was before the elections. Of course if the rocks/bottles/bullets start to fly that could change simply because a mob will attack anyone that is not part of the mob. As proved by the blacks in Los Angles. There is little chance that any of you riding dirt bikes will encounter any election protesters in the desert. They will be where the cameras and beer is most abundant. Third world or not most of the Mexicans I know are disgusted with the behavior of the loser and his followers. He promised them a welfare system similar to the U.S. system and they were looking forward to the free money every month. The middle and upper class has no sympathy for the lower class and their complaining. This will not come to a show down until after September 6 2006. By race time in November all the protesters will either have gone home or have been given decent funerals by the survivors.
  2. Gene2000

    June Baja Ride!

    F.Y.I.* Ensenada June 24th 25th 26th. Volleyball tournament that draws hundreds if not thousands to play and watch. It is a big deal here. It will affect motel rates and make for crowded restaurants. You may want to consider this when planning your ride. This tournament is played at estro [sp]beach south of Ensenada.
  3. Gene2000

    Baja TT Ride Report

    Ok Iam going to jump in here with a little information. The Feb. carnival is a 5 day event and is big business for the thieves. From Friday night to Sunday there were over 300 cars/trucks stolen in Enesnada alone. This is in addition to the hundreds of break ins. If you have a choice do not plan a ride on any Mexican holiday. The hotel rates go up , theft goes up and the added traffic can be a real problem. That being said --I live in Ensenada. I have a Mexican wife and 15 year old step-daughter. [Corky the kid talked for two days about you teasing her at dinner]. For your next event/ride raising money for the poor kids if we can be of any help Corky has my home/cell phone numbers and my e-mail address. My wife is the youngest of 13 and had to quit school at 12 years of age because of the lack of money for school clothes. She knows hunger from personal experience. In your efforts to help the poor kids if we can do some leg work or make some phone calls let me know. It is also possible to me to pass messages to the home front in case of problems if need be. I passed messages to Sandy from Corky I can do the same for others. Sorry to hijack your thread but ............. Gene