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  1. randomjibrish

    clutch cover wont go back on

    oo...i thought it was the lil hole on top of the clutch....
  2. randomjibrish

    clutch cover wont go back on

    i did the second one..and it workd....its alot diffrent shifting now too...surprised me alot...its like a big dirtbike...
  3. randomjibrish

    clutch cover wont go back on

    helpd a lil bit....but its a lil diff from what i got...and i cant figure out y the cover wont go on still...i can see whats stoppin it
  4. just put on a tb hd clutch..and the cover wont go back on...&%$#@!..if u guys had some pics to help..ide b happy
  5. randomjibrish

    Smoke the Clutch?

    i bord out my bike with the trail bikes light 88 on christmas....and i just orderd my clutch sunday.....didnt REALLY need one...but now it slips bad
  6. randomjibrish

    50 pipe

    i like yoshi....but 2 brothers has a pipe made just for that setup...
  7. randomjibrish

    every one post mods of ur fiddy

    pruduct price 88 light bore 140 cdi 20 countersprocket 25 little larry suspension 300 street tires 30 bbr handlebars 220 50stunt hand brake 100 turbo glenn 12 bar 60 if i had the money ide b one of those dudes that would have well over 5k in a bike made for an 88lbs kid.....
  8. randomjibrish

    Horsepower and Top Speed of CRF 100

    just get the ttr125le...its right in between...has better power than a 100...and wieghs less than the 150.....its not a honda...but it still is awsome...
  9. randomjibrish

    xr100 seat for sale?

    i found a brand new seat on ebayfor like 40 bux?......thats with shipping costs...
  10. randomjibrish

    xr100 seat for sale?

  11. randomjibrish

    xr100 seat for sale?

    im lookin for a black seat...
  12. randomjibrish

    can you jump a 2003 xr80

    shit im 130lbs..and get 7 ft and land on flat ground....on my frends crf80....hes also replaced his shock like 5 times thoe...
  13. randomjibrish

    xr200 motor on an xr100?

    i would buy that if it didnt cost more than the bike itself....ill prolly just save up for the light bore.....then upgrade from there...
  14. randomjibrish

    xr100 carb tuning

    theres nothin i can put in the drum to help the pads grab?....they just slide so much..err...
  15. randomjibrish

    xr200 motor on an xr100?

    lol....damn....good answer....what i ment was..will it bolt right in..iver herd a few times it will but i wasnt sure....