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  1. husqvarnaman

    07 Crf250r .... ?

    would not own another honda except a foreman quads nothing personal to every one but i have no luck with them ive owned XL250 ,XL600,XR600,XR350,XR250 MANY ATC90@110 and guys you can keep them
  2. husqvarnaman

    Riding with no helmet

    nope cant even think about it happening .in our are we cant even ride the pits at our local mx track with out our helmets on i do not see under no circumstances where it's ok to do so .i dont even let my three daughters and wife saddle thier quads without helmet boots chest protector and gloves and insist they have on thier riding pants and jerseys.personaly i would not i say would not think about saddling my tc610 without all my gear i wear knee and elbow protectiion and moto-x boots as well as the afore mentioned .and guess what guys i had my first wreck in 20+ years of riding and by meer luck i broke my left humorist after a great day at juniper national forest in wa.state .(i lost a tube in a new set of tires when i hit hard pack it wash out the steering and thats all she wrote )but in no matter what case i was wearing my gear and it saved me from multiple other injuries .my arm was the victim of curcumstanceand yes i am a veteran rider of all terain and this was my first broken bone ever.