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  1. Looks like I'll be using that phone number, thanks. I just noticed a leak last night dripping on the pipe. I haven't taken the tank off yet (thought I would check out the forum first) I guess I know what I'll find. By the way I used J.B. on my original tank on about a dime sized hole and it held for at least 6 mos...unfortunately I think the tank ended up at the dump when I got the IMS (stupid!!)
  2. Thanks guys
  3. Thanks...gonna do it today
  4. Where can I get a shop manual for a '06 te610???
  5. I'm going to check valve clearance on a 2006 te610. What's the easiest way to find top dead center...do I need a needle gauge? I can turn a wrench pretty good on a car, but this is my first bike. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks, I greased it up good up top and moved the adjusting nut on the bottom bracket toward the clutch, a little too much I think, I'll try to find a happy medium and hope for the best...it's kinda hard to ride with my fingers crossed though. I don't see anything sharp rubbing. Maybe I'll take a file to the area around the slot on the lever, thats where it always breaks. George at Up-tite is working on heavier duty cables, but he's getting ready for Baja so I guess it'll be awhile.
  7. I've got an '06 te610 with 5600 miles on it and I'm getting ready to put my 4th(!!!!!!!!) cluth cable on. I'm a newbie so I figgured I was over adjusting on the bar. When I put the last cable on I put the adjusting nut very close to the bracket near the clutch and the nut almost all the way in on the bar and it seemed fine until today. When I was leaving work I put it in gear and it started to run on me, so I backed the nut off just a little bit. I work close to George at Up-Tite and I needed to get some stuff so I went over there it's only about 3 miles and when I got there something made me check the clutch cable and it was badly frayed (about 1/2 gone!!). Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone have any advise?? I asked George to look at it and he seemed to think that I installed it correctly...except maybe I should have left more room for adjustment near the bracket.
  8. Thanks...I've got a skid plate.
  9. I took my first trail ride this morning...what a blast!!! I laid it down easy once and bent the brake pedel end. When I tried to bend it back it broke off in my hand. Is ther a one piece brake lever available?? maybe a steel one? Also I'm comming up on 600 miles. Planning to take it to George at Up-Tite. Anybody have any idea how much I'm lookin' at...I trust George but I don't have a bag-o-cash right now.
  10. I can't seem to stay off it. there's no such thing as a quick trip to the store anymore, I end up getting into a 15 minute conversation with someone about the bike. Of course I don't take short cuts anymore either.
  11. I road my te610 home from GP in San Diego on saturday. I may need to see a doctor...I can't seem to get this stupid grin off my face. This is my first bike. What a f-ing blast!!!!!
  12. Yeah, that's kinda where I was leaning. Thanks
  13. I'm looking to buy a husky. I've never owned a bike, but I've ridden friend's bikes off road. I used to own a four wheeler and I like to play in the dirt. I'll probably ride 60-70% highway 40 miles round trip to and from work, but I plan on playing hard when I play. I like the extra weight of the 610 for commuting but I don't want to be disapointed with perfomance off road. The 410 is lighter but I'm not sure how it will do on the freeway....Any help??? P.S. can I get saddle bags for the 510?