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  1. azeskimo

    Old guy lovin the new WR250f

    Welcome (although I don't post here much myself). I also just got a new to me wr250f, an '05. Me like. The KTM 640 isn't getting out much these days/
  2. azeskimo

    looking for a new trailer

    6x12 if you want to cram things in a bit and 7x12 if you have a lot of gear. My 6x12 comfortably carries 2 dual sport bikes, 2 kayaks and gear for up to four folks, including popups and all kinds of crap. But junk does have a way of filling the space allotted to it.
  3. Oh, jeez, just realized I've never posted on this forum. So greetings as well.
  4. I bought a 2002 lc4e with less than 200 miles on it a few months ago. I've got about 1,500 miles on it now with no problems except a radiator cap seal. (But I was expecting much, much worse)