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  1. drz daddy

    BODY ARMOUR...which one???

    I went with the 661. I got a deal on ebay for <$70.00 shipped. It was used lightly. I think I look like a superhero with a jersey over it. but my 3 year old daughter thinks I look funny. I just want it to save my body when I get off!!!
  2. drz daddy

    Ims Tank Decals???

    I think I'll go with the hot pink barney option... NOT.
  3. drz daddy

    Ims Tank Decals???

    I just added the IMS 4.2 tank to my bike, but it needs something to take away the fact that it is pretty ugly. Any one have a suggestion besides just ride it the way it is...
  4. drz daddy

    Magnetic Drain Plug... Stock???

    I thought I read somewhere a while back that the DRZ 400S came with a magnetic oil drain plug stock. Anyone know? If not, any recomendations. Also, I put on an IMS 4.2 gallon tank in natural color, are there any graphic decals out there to finish the look?
  5. drz daddy

    BODY ARMOUR...which one???

    DING DING DING, I think we have a winner. This Thor rig looks bad ass. It's a shame to put a jersey over it...
  6. drz daddy

    BODY ARMOUR...which one???

    And at $183.00 big ones, that hurts as much as a get-off. Though the Rock has some good features. This is exactly the reason I made this post. The EVS looks like the zipper runs down the middle as well. The Pressure Suit runs to the right side.
  7. drz daddy

    Decent helmet under $200.00

    Newenoughmx.com has a Bell SC for $70+shipping. It is DOT and SNELL approved. I got one and it feels good. Only thing is the front snap of the linig pops if I don't take it off a certain way. But I would get another one if needed.
  8. Looking for other opinions on the issue of which body armour is best and/or worst. The EVS BALLISTIC and 661 PRESSURE SUIT look good to me.
  9. drz daddy

    Mental Problems??

    There is a recurring theme here... ride because you enjoy it, take it slow and easy, have fun, but remember, shit happens, and more than likely not on the trail. You want a good boot? The A.R.C. boot from rocky mountain has been good for me. And NewEnough has Tech 8's on closeout. Take out your baby and
  10. does anyone have detailed photos of what the fuel screw looks like on a drz 400s and how to adjust it? i know where it is, but a visual will help. I can't wait till she is set. the white bro e2 can looks radical i will post pics!
  11. I am rejetting my drz 400s. I found out I need to make a run to the dealer for a 25 pilot. Hear is my question, how do you turn the fuel screw? It appears to be all the way in, and there seems to be no way to turn it out ie: no notch for a screwdriver or such. Eddie said to turn it out to 2.5
  12. I want to take the smog equiptment off my '05 DRZ 400S. I'm installing an IMS 4 gallon tank. What do I do with the vent line that runs from the tank to the canister in the rear? Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Thanks Eddie I will put this together tonight and take her out Wednesday I'll post the results. Thanks again
  14. Does anyone have the set-up for a 2005 DRZ 400S with a white bro. E2 can, dyno jet stage one kit, k & n air filter, with the 3x3 mod? i ride the Los Angeles foothills, elevation around 1000 ft. thanks.
  15. drz daddy

    DRZ rally,are you attending?

    next year!?!?!?