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  1. upnorthbacon

    Yz250x power compared to XCW250

    Thanks that's exactly what I was wondering. I know the XCW is fairly tame and smooth which is what I liked. I wonder with a heavy 13oz FWW if they would feel more similar?
  2. upnorthbacon

    Yz250x power compared to XCW250

    Considering picking up a new Yamaha possibly this summer. My last two stroke was a KTM 2014 XC-W 250 and I'm wondering how the new 250x compares power wise? I liked the stock powervalve spring in my KTM and felt the power was great all around. I want smooth power (As possible for a 2t) and will likely add a flywheel weight unless the Yz doesn't need it to feel like the KTM. I started racing hare scrambles and enduros on 450's a few years ago and they were too tiring, went 250f and I'm now feeling just a little under powered (I'm 230lb without gear). I liked the XCW but sold it when I was getting out of racing but got the itch at the end of last summer and picked up a mint '08 CRF250R. I'm riding faster than ever but I'd now like a little more power to pull me around and I'm really leaning towards a 250x or possibly a 450fx tamed down as much as possible. I'd like to stay Yamaha for this purchase.
  3. upnorthbacon

    Detune 450?

    Thanks for the detailed reply! Sounds like you've been around the block and really know bikes! I'm going to definitely look at a 450 now when it comes time to buy!
  4. upnorthbacon

    Detune 450?

    My thought is lugging a 450 around would also wear the motor less than revving hard on a 250f. I don't really want to start modding a high strung 250f either. I had a rekluse in my wr450 and xcw250 but really didn't need them and never really used the creeper fist gear on those bikes in our series. Im currently on an '08 crf250r and second gear is nearly perfect in the tight stuff. I don't have issues stalling just would like some more roll on power coming out of corners and for hills and sand. If can tone down the power and remove the bark off throttle I'd like to go 450. Otherwise I may just go back to a 250 2t. I like the smooth power of a 4t over a 2t. Not interested in going back to an orange bike either, I want to stick with Yamaha.
  5. upnorthbacon

    Detune 450?

    Can get a great deal on '18 yz450 or '18 yz450fx. 230lb vet hare scramble racer who's been on 250f the last few years. Thinking of going back up to 450. I'd like on of the bikes I mentioned and can convert the yz for off road if needed. I'm only interested in how much I can detune them to get 350ish power or even a little more than a 250f offers. I'd like the ability to still be able to switch it back to full power for dunes and playing around. Can I get some advice from owners on how much I can tame and smooth out the low end and off throttle response? I figure I'll run a G2 tamer like I had on my last 450 and possibly fww but had rekluses on previous bikes and don't want to go that route. So with suggestions mentioned and the power tuner or phone app what's the consensus on taming these beasts?
  6. upnorthbacon

    2008 still trying to find starting procedure

    Went back to the 42 pilot. I think it just seems to flood super easy. Tried cold starting last two days. One twist on the throttle no choke, no hot start, and fired for a second. Then I tried kicking with nothing and fired again. Tried a third kick and fired and I was able to crack the throttle and get it idling before it died, so it only took three kicks. Once it's warm I crack the throttle and use the hot start and it will fire first kick. If it doesn't I kick one more time with just hot start and no throttle and it will go. I guess I just have to get used to the procedure on this bike. I will try a 45 pilot in the spring, not much riding left since it's dropping into the 40's and hunting season has started. Also I do have the idle fairly high and I think the fuel screw is normally between 2 and 2 1/2 turns out. I would assume I'm rich since it won't start with the choke on and likes the throttle cracked, but when I dropped to the 40 pilot it felt lean off idle and had no effect on starting.
  7. 2008 all valves are in spec, stock jetting and I’m around 1000 feet 70 degrees so I should be right on the factory suggestions. Once it’s warmed up with hot start in I crack the throttle about 1/8 and it starts right up first kick almost always. If doesn’t start first try I just use hot start and second try will fire. Cold, I have no idea. Tried choke, 3 pumps of the throttle, no choke, still can’t figure it out without a dozen or more kicks. I figured it was rich because it likes the throttle cracked so dropped to 40 pilot from 42. Nothing changed but felt lean so switched back. Any suggestions? Love the bike. Has super low hours, actually sold off the showroom in 2012 and runs great except for the cold start and the weird 1/8 throttle warm. Played with fuel screw tons as well with no change.
  8. upnorthbacon

    2008 Valve Questions

    Picked up a low hour '08 that was purchased off the showroom in 2012. Shop manual listed new valves in 2015 but that was 2 owners ago so not sure if that's true. Starts good and I'm going to check the valves this weekend, I'm guessing they are close to spec if not in spec. Spoke with my dealer and he's a decent guy. He suggested I just bite the bullet and go stainless kibblewhite which will set me back $400 plus 3 hours labor. I'm a medium fast C rider racing off road. I'm a big guy but rarely ever on the rev limiter. I'm guessing I'll put about 50hrs a year mostly racing hare scrambles and enduros. How often do you think I'll be shimming the valves? Should I just go kibblewhite this winter? Dealer claims it will rarely need shimming once I do that? He wasn't pushing me, just making a suggestion. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. upnorthbacon

    250 XC improvements from 2012 on up

    I can't say for sure about changes, I've heard the motors in the newer bikes are a little milder, maybe because of head changes? There's nothing to stay away from that I've heard, motors are pretty bulletproof. I think there may have been a throttle tube recall sometime in the last few years and some complaints about the forks are a little harsh. All the KTM two strokes are awesome bikes with no major issues!
  10. upnorthbacon

    Mapping switch. Much difference in performance?

    I noticed it, but I don't think it was enough to make a real difference in the kind of riding I do. It felt like it had a slightly heavier flywheel when switching back and forth.
  11. upnorthbacon


    Rekluse reccomends rotella, and it passes the Jaso-ma certification for motorcycles. Its good stuff, I know tons of people running it through street bikes and dirt bikes and never heard of any problems. Just don't run the synthetic stuff the white jug has the motorcycle certification for clutches, I don't think the synthetic does.
  12. upnorthbacon

    Post pics of your 250!

  13. upnorthbacon

    300 2 stroke or 500 thumper?

    I had 2012 yz450 woods converted and was still way too much power for me. Went to 2011 wr450, handled great but valved a little soft, and felt like a tank. I'm riding a 2014 xcw 250 and love it. My buddy has identical 300. It has more power down low never need to clutch it, just twist and go. Mine I need to grab a little clutch to get that instant power. I don't think you would be disappointed at all in the 300 power compared to your wr and you'll feel like your riding a mountain bike, its amazing the difference in weight and the feeling of being flick able.
  14. upnorthbacon

    2014 ktm 250sx made into a xcw?

    Revalve, bigger tank, G2 throttle tube to tame the hit, rekluse, and maybe flywheel weight if its still too much. MX gearbox works fine for 90% of hare scrambles and enduros.
  15. upnorthbacon

    Worlds dumbest KTM story! PDS suspension thoughts

    I was torn between a xc and xcw last year. I sat on both and they were same price. I walked out with the xcw, I liked the computer and heard about harshness with the xc forks. I had enduro engineering set me up with springs for my weight and I swapped them myself. Super easy with the open chamber xcw forks! I love it, all my last bikes were jap MX woods conversions. My xcw eats up roots and trail junk like its not there! First gear is totally useless but the other gears are perfect running stock 13-50.