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  1. Baja43

    2010 BBB Stories - let's hear them

    Next time call it the pleasure cruise trail instead, a lot people don't like spiders. Awesome trail Tim, and thanks for sharing Mitch, although the heavy breathing recorded kind of creeps me out.
  2. Baja43

    2010 BBB Stories - let's hear them

    Still decompressing a little and trying to get my mind set back into work mode, which is tough. I Just wanted to reiterate what others have said in that this was an awesome trip (again), which was well organized and executed. Every time I'm involved in these charity events, it's always special on so many different levels, from the excitement stemming from the children, to the looks on our Baja brothers faces as they give them the attention they need. I want to thank everyone responsible for putting forth the effort and letting me be a part of such a great cause. Experiencing some epic trails with such a great group of riders this year has produced some good memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few pictures, PM me if you want an original. http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh1/baja43/Baja%20Beach%20Bash%202010/ BTW...My KTM clutch didn't even work up a sweat on the Spiderman trail, just saying Tim. Although, the sign on the canyon wall half way through (nice touch) telling me to lay off of it was a helpful reminder. Dave
  3. Baja43

    4.3 Earthquake in Northern Baja

    A lot people aren't aware of this but the small community (mostly Americans) on the Rio Hardy lost their homes. My family happened to be there when the 7.2 hit, just 2.7 miles from the epicenter, which is near Guadalupe Victoria and it is almost complete devastation. At least 50 homes collapsed or need to be torn all the way down. The river rose 8 feet and water was perculating throughout the desert, which left many people stranded for days. That area is still very active, along with the desert floor and will be for some time. Riders need to be aware that out in Laguna Salada things have changed a bit, we have come accross hidden sinkholes and cracks so be carefull. The nearby town of Durango is still somewhat of a tent city with the locals that lost their homes. Anybody wanting to donate can still do so by dropping off food and clothes at the local Bomberos, by the town entrance on the Mex 5.
  4. Baja43

    Baja Beach Bash 2

    You had me at "spider infested singletrack" why did you have bring KTM into it, now I have to replace my radiator fluid as well. Or, just tap out until the hill climb comp...The Bako boys are still riding orange right?
  5. Baja43

    Baja timelapse

    Nice work, brings back a lot of great memories of why I love Baja.
  6. Well done R&R's, I'm sure your efforts will go a long way in aiding your overall mssion in Baja. Seeing Rudy on a quad, well pricless. Hope to see you on your four tire steed come April.
  7. Baja43

    2009 Baja 1000 raceday wire

    The facial expressions in that photo says a lot, what a great race between these teams. I'm hoping that this excitement continues in future races and brings back some additional factory support, its long overdue.
  8. Baja43

    2009 Baja 1000 raceday wire

    George will be interviewing the finishers and you can watch them come through the line as it happens http://www.trackinginternational.com...ive-streaming/ I don't think George has stopped talking since BBB 2009, I say that with all due respect, Thanks George.
  9. Baja43

    2009 Baja 1000 raceday wire

    Nicely done Scotty and thanks for all your hard work today. Looking forward to the live feed.
  10. Baja43

    Ride Report: 2009 Baja Beach Bash

    First off I want to thank once again all those all ready mentioned above, for being a so called non-organized tour ride, it was well planned and the fact that all made it back safely is a reflection of that. For those of you who did not commit to this ride because you may not enjoy group rides (like me) you missed out on an epic ride with great people. From my perspective this was a ride that I wanted to be a part of for the challenges that I thought may be laid out ahead of us, boy was I not disappointed. I would be lying if I said my Cajones were not traveling northward on some of the so called trails. One of those situations was on the “Drop of Faith” well at least the anticipation before actually seeing the trail. It sure didn’t help when I was making the drop directly behind Johnny Cambell and witnessed him going over the bars to a wonderful handstand (which he held for a short time) and proceeded to stick the landing, we gave him a 9.5 on the score card. Here are just a few memorable quick hit moments for me and all I can say is I haven’t laughed that much on a ride for as long as I can remember….a lot of great moments with awesome people. It’s very hard to concentrate today, I’m still stoked. •Jen Morton (Baja Bound Moto) is awesome, and can out climb most men. •If boredom sets in with Ron Wilson and Colton, new trails get developed. •If you are ever involved in a land rush start to a hill climb challenge with Tim Morton (Baja Bound Moto), do not stage your bike next to him. •Carnegie hill…We need some footage! Especially Mitch’s flying W to dismount and “Breauxman’s Catus Valet Parking” at the top. •Anyone seen Mitch? •One of the Bako boys doing his Michael Jackson tribute behind the bar during the award ceremony. •Who thinks these trails up anyways?!! •How the F*#^ does a nobody dirt rider like me get stuck with Tim Morton (Baja Bound Moto), Colton and Ron Wilson in the circle jerk challenge, I had mentally lost before it even started ….at least Colton went out before me. Most importantly, there is still a great vibe in Baja with good people willing to share the stoke with others and doing great things for the local community. We all know there have been issues in Baja but the reality of it is, it’s getting better and I have found that the good people in Baja are making the effort to restore our confidence. I will continue to go down and be a part in helping these people, it’s in all of our best interest. Thanks for the memories Dave
  11. Oh boy, looks like someone may get a time out when he gets home. Let’s hope he cleans up his act before the 10th.
  12. Great idea and I'm sure every little bit will help.
  13. Baja43

    Safe parking in Mexicali?

    Like Brett stated, campo mosqueda is a good place to park for an extended stay. There is a military outpost and community guard within the campgrounds. You would need to inform Jesse Mosqueda or his daughter at the cantina that you will be parking there (campomosqueda@yahoo.com). The turn off is approximately km54. Dave
  14. Baja43

    Racers and Ranchers #4

    Rum? To each his own but I think I'll just corner Rudy and look for his flask he’s been known to carry from time to time. Note to self…email Rudy and remind him.
  15. Baja43

    Racers and Ranchers 4 Event- Carpools and Caravans

    The best way to get there in my opinion is taking the crossing over the Toll/quota road from the libre road. I typically take the quota until the first toll road, get off and take the libre back towards Tecate for two to three miles and turn left at the big billboard. The 1st sign prior to the billboard will say Rancho Concorda and right after that the 2nd sign will say El Neji & Ojos Negros…..then the billboard. (I believe the west side of the sign says Rancho Aguilar on it) You miss all of the town and its horrible pot holes and wash outs, which makes it a little quiker as well. It comes in at the main road closer to HSV. 45-55 minutes from the border Dave