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    WR250R Electrical Problem- Code 46

    Diagnostics Mode The WR has a fantastic little diagnostics mode built right in to the cluster. Below are the steps to enter the diagnostics mode, and an explanation of what each of the options. How to Enter Diagnostics Mode Ensure the killswitch is set to OFF Press and hold the ‘RESET’ and ‘SELECT1’ buttons Turn on the ignition key Hold both buttons for 8 seconds until display changes to ‘Diag’ Press both buttons again and hold for another 3 seconds until display changes to ‘D01’ Cycle though the menu using ‘SELECT1’ and ‘SELECT2’ Note: For options 30-53 set kill switch to run then back to off to actuate diagnostics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL6mbSmQnXQ http://wr250r.com/articles/diagnostics-mode 01 Throttle Angle: Fully closed position 15-19, Fully opened position 95–100 03 Pressure Difference: Displays the intake air pressure (Atmospheric Pressure minus Intake Pressure) 05 Intake Air Temperature: Displays the intake air temperature 06 Coolant Temperature: Displays the coolant temperature 07 Vehicle Speed Pulse: 0–999 08 Lean Angle Sensor: Upright 0.4–1.4v, Overturned 3.7–4.4v 09 Fuel System Voltage: Approximately 12.0v 20 Sidestand Switch: Stand up ON, Stand down OFF (with the transmission in gear) 21 Neutral Switch: Neutral ON, In gear OFF 30 Ignition Coil: Actuates the ignition coil once every second 5 times 36 Injector: Actuates the injector once every second 5 times 48 Air Induction Solenoid (AIS): Actuates the air inducton system solenoid once every second 5 times 49 Intake Solenoid: Actuates the intake solenoid with the engine running once every second 5 times 50 Fuel Injection System Relay: Actuates the fuel injection system relay once every second 5 times 51 Radiator Fan Motor Relay: Actuates the radiator fan motor relay once every second 5 times 52 Headlight Relay: Actuates the headlight relay once every five-seconds 5 times 53 EXUP Servo Motor: Turn the servo motor once in the open direction and then in the close direction 60 EEPROM Fault Code Display: No fault 00, History exists 04 61 Malfunction History Code Display: No history 00, History exists cyclesthroughthelist of stored errors 62 Malfunction History Code Erasure: No history 00, History exists shows number of stored errors 63 Repeated Display of Trouble Code: No malfunction code 0, Malfunction code exists 24 70 Control Number: 00–255 also try asking here: http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/yamaha-wr250r-mega-thread.329337/page-3066 or here: http://wr250rforum.forumotion.com/
  2. Cosmic Charlie

    Where to ride Western Mass?

    Hodges http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/massachusetts_14231/ride_d908.htm
  3. Cosmic Charlie

    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    Not Me Idiot Crashes his Nice Motorcycle in a Wheelie
  4. Cosmic Charlie

    WR250R/X Gearing Information

    WR250R Going down one tooth in front, to a 12T, is like going up about 3 teeth in back. BUT the taller Dunlop (D606) is like taking away 2 teeth in back ... I now run a D606's & 13 / 49 with 112 O-ring chain and the rear adjusters are in dead center My speedo error is 37 is 30, and 48 is 40 (+-) 6th gear is now more usable with nearly no lug bike still goes 65-75 mph easily though I don't ride the highway ever SLOW --- tight woods / single track / lots of obstacles ... are now so much easier, whereas before was constantly have to slip the clutch in 1st so not to stall in the tightest spots I will not be going back to a less tooth rear sprocket I now find 2nd gear just about right for tight single track overall (for me now anyway) I don't race / compete
  5. I just heard some people referring to Trump as the Orange Guy ...
  6. "Those that lack talent most usually insist on the most expensive equipment ..." What's in your wallet ?
  7. Cosmic Charlie

    Where do you get a lowered seat for a WR250R?

    Call them - they have many variables that may be better than their standard offering ... and most at no added cost ...
  8. Cosmic Charlie

    Action cameras

    comes with or with remote - with 4k video stabilization https://www.amazon.com/Sony-FDRX3000R-Recording-Underwater-Camcorder/dp/B01M12ANS6
  9. Sad to see some of the comments here, telling some who wants to drive a bike a on pavement and on dirt, dirt roads or trails, that he's wasting his time on the bike he rides -
  10. Cosmic Charlie

    Action cameras

    Sony FDRX3000/W Underwater Camcorder 4K, White $383 https://www.amazon.com/Sony-FDRX3000-Underwater-Camcorder-White/dp/B01LYSJB8A I'm planning on one of these - read up ... great reviews - the 300 model is much less money but I want the 4K / makes for much clearer edits ... - I can use it as my car dash cam as well (as most can do)
  11. Cosmic Charlie

    2008 WR250X RAISING seat height?

    seat concepts 1" Taller seat http://www.seatconcepts.com/store/component/rokecwid/?Itemid=145#!/Yamaha-2008-16-WR250R-X-*TALL*/p/43691287
  12. Cosmic Charlie

    Where to ride Western Mass?

    Massachusetts State Forest Riding Areas Western Massachusetts These four forests are open to ORV use through the partnership of the Berkshire Trails Council and local ORV clubs who help to maintain the trails for all visitors. ORV trails in Western Massachusetts are challenging and only suitable for the intermediate to expert rider. For more detailed information, trail maps and directions go to www.mass.gov/dcr/massparks Beartown State Forest (Lee, Great Barrington and Monterey) Phone # (413)528-0904 Approximately 25 miles of ORV trails suitable for motorcycles or ATVs. A daily permit is required. See the permitting process for details. October Mountain State Forest (Lee, Lenox, Washington and Becket) Phone # (413)243-1778 Approximately 30 miles of ORV trails suitable for motorcycles or ATVs. A daily permit is required. See the permitting process for details. Pittsfield State Forest (Pittsfield, Lanesboro and Hancock) Phone (413)442-8992 Approximately 14 miles of ORV trails suitable for motorcycles or ATVs. A daily permit is required for ATV and motorcycle riding in Pittsfield State Forest. See the permitting process for details. Tolland State Forest (Tolland, Sandisfield and Otis) Phone # (413)269-6002 Approximately 15 miles of OHM trails for MGL c. 90 registered motorcycles (motorcycles registered and equipped to ride on public roads). Many Tolland trails merge with public ways where OHV use is prohibited. All OHMs accessing Tolland State Forest must be registered for both on-road and off-road use. Southeastern Massachusetts These two forests are open to OHM use through the partnership of the Pilgrim Sands Trail Riders and King Philip Trail Riders who help to maintain the trails for all visitors. For more detailed information, trail maps and directions go to: Freetown-Fall River State Forest (Freetown and Fall River) Phone # (508)644-5522 Approximately 25 miles of singe track trails for the expert rider. Motorcycles only. F. Gilbert Hills, Wrentham and Franklin State Forests (Foxboro, Wrentham and Franklin) Phone # (508)543-9084 Approximately 8 miles of single track motorcycle trail in each of the three forests. Best suited to intermediate to expert riders. Motorcycles only. http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/massparks/recreational-activities/off-road-vehicles.html http://www.nhstateparks.org/Activities/atving/trail-information.aspx
  13. of a decade, no of a life time ... and I'm only on page 55 fun reading this as a new guy ...
  14. Cosmic Charlie

    2008 WR250X RAISING seat height?

    just guessing Check the stock setting - to most tall - see owners manual - easy screw wheel turn Buy new seat or Have your seat re-built ... Seat Concepts’ or simply remove the seat, remove the stock cover from the seat pan, and remove the stock foam; then glue the new foam to the pan and staple the new cover onto the pan. Front Tubes - slide to lowest at triple tree - full down Raising Links 'dog bones'?? http://drriders.com/topic7274.html less sag setting http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/702657-raising-a-wr250r/ Heli-Risers for your handle bars higher up Some Tires will raise your bike height (and may require a new chain) Buy Foot pegs lowered not sure if replacing rims will help ?
  15. New to me ... wow skills Classic Ski Hill Becomes Ultimate Moto Paradise Cody Webb and Taylor Robert unleash some epic riding at the classic Donner Ski Ranch in Lake Tahoe. http://www.redbull.com/us/en/motorsports/offroad/stories/1331827205489/donner-partying-cody-webb-taylor-robert-enduro-video