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  1. DKWrider

    TTR 250 engine oil

    This year I switched from the Yamaha 20W-40 to Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 for summer riding. I do a lot of single track riding in the woods at slow speeds and this synthetic oil is designed for air cooled engines that run hot. So far, so good. In the cold winter months, I use Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40. Nice thing is that I can pick this oil up at most auto parts stores, and have even found it at Wal-Mart.
  2. DKWrider

    XR200 Oil Drain Bolt Size

    What is the size of the oil drain bolt on the 2002 XR200? Looks like a 23 or 24mm? I want to get a socket for it.
  3. DKWrider

    scorpa t ride????

    In the latest Dirt Rider magazine, they indicated that KTM may come out with a similar bike to the T-Ride next year. I ride a Yamaha TTR-250 which has a great low and mid-range power for riding in the hills, but is heavy and not agile. I was thinking about getting a Yamaha WR or a KTM 250 XCF, but if I could get a T-Ride or the new KTM, they sound like great bikes for riding around.
  4. DKWrider

    Buying an 08 TTR250

    Of course, top speed is a function of gearing. If you can pull higher gearing, then you can increase top speed. For the riding I do, I have actually lowered the gearing by running a 12 tooth countershaft sprocket. Still plenty fast in top gear for the off road riding I do, but I don't ride on the road. One thing she will like about the TTR250 is the seat. For sit down riding, it is a heck of a lot more comfortable than the WR. I would however be a bit concerned about the seat height and weight of the bike for a female rider. I'm 5'8" tall and the seat height is about max for me with the width of the seat. A narrow seat makes you able to ride a taller bike. Make sure you adjust the rear sag to fit her weight. If the seat height is still a problem, you can put on a Kouba link to lower the seat. The bike is also heavy and top heavy at that with a full tank of gas so once it starts to go over, don't expect her to be able to hold it up. It is going down and you are going to have to pick it up. Have you thought about a CRF230 or TTR230 instead? These bikes are smaller than the TTR250 and might actually make it easier for her to keep pace. I haven't ridden the TTR230, but I have the CRF230 and it close in power to a stock TTR250.
  5. DKWrider

    TTR250 Handlebar Questions

    I ended up getting MSR Profile handlebars in YZ high profile. They seem to be a perfect match for stock.
  6. DKWrider

    TTR250 Footpegs - replace or widen?

    I noticed that Fastway has pegs for the TTR250, but they are a bit pricey for me. They list the same model number for the Husqvarna CR/WC/TE/TC 125/250/360/400/450/510 from 99-05 and Kawasaki KX80/100 99-07 so I would guess that any pegs made for those bikes would fit.
  7. DKWrider

    XR200R Modification Guide

    I need to pull the snorkel out of my son's 02 XR200 and rejet it. He is already running with the baffle out and a UNI filter. We are at about 800-1000 ft ASL so I just go one up in size on each from the stock 110 main and 38 pilot, so this would be the 112 main and 40 pilot I guess. I see that Thumpertalk Store has KEIHIN jets. Are these the right ones or do I need to get from a Honda dealer? If they are the right ones, it might still be cheaper from the dealer because it looks like I have to buy five at a time. It would help to have the part numbers for the "plus one" jets on the front page of the sticky if you know them.
  8. DKWrider

    Looking for XR200 Footpegs

    I am looking at putting the Works Connection footpeg extender's on my son's 02 XR200. Stock width is 1 1/4". The extenders will add a 1/2" to this. I have also seen where riders have gotten a wider extension and just added another piece of metal to close the gap when welding. I was also looking for aftermarket replacements instead but can't find any for the XR200. Does anyone know another bike's pegs that will fit a late model XR200 frame?
  9. DKWrider

    200 peg mod +

    What footpegs are those, and what did you have to do to them to get them to fit the frame? I have been looking for something to replace the pegs on my son's XR200.
  10. DKWrider

    ttr submerged in water

    I agree with Chickenhauler that the jets probably need to be checked. Clean the pilot while you are at it. It is smaller in diameter and usually is the one that gets crud in it. Surprised it didn't if the main did.
  11. DKWrider

    off road gearing for TTR250

    I run the stock 52 rear with a 12 front sprocket. Gives me good power for all the riding I do (woods, trail, & track). Gives a very low first gear which is great for steep descents. Ride mostly in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Only time I use higher gears is on fire roads.
  12. DKWrider

    TTR250 Footpegs - replace or widen?

    I feel like the stock pegs are not wide enough for me when going off jumps. Has anyone replaced stock footpegs with wider ones? If so, which ones fit? I have been looking at the works connection footpeg extenders. They will increase the width of the stock pegs by 1/2" (from current 1 1/2" to 2"). Does anyone have experience with them?
  13. DKWrider

    2002 TTR 250 Oil Change Questions

    You should download the free manual posted in the TTR250 Mods thread.
  14. DKWrider

    ttr submerged in water

    Sounds like you still have water in the gas. You can get water in your gas tank as well as the carb (carb normally gets it from air filter) so you might want to drain and put in fresh. You should always pull the pipe and plug and crank it to blow water out before you try to start after submersion. Also change the plug. Sometimes the insulator will crack.
  15. DKWrider

    My Son turned his TTR125 into a submarine.

    Similar situation happened to me. I always carry a spark plug wrench, so I was able to pull the plug out and blow the water out of the plug hole. Also took the pipe off and got the water out of it. You should always blow as much water out of the cylinder as possible before trying to crank it. Anyway, drained the carb multiple times and kept the filter off until I could get it cranked. Had to ride back to the truck. Drained the oil and put fresh in as soon as I got home. Ran that a short while, then drained and filled again. It took several rides and flushes like that to get the oil to not get milky. Interesting thing, though, the insulator was cracked on the plug when I took it out. We suspected that maybe the cold water (it was winter then too) hitting the plug may have caused it to crack. Unfortunately I did not have a spare plug with me (in my other backpack), but it ran well enough to get me back.