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  1. O.K. I understand, more air/fuel moving though the motor = more horsepower, and DynoJet says their product is designed for use without the lid, so the lid goes. I'll report back. Now running 128 main jet with the needle on groove #3 for a baseline at sea level, as per instructions.
  2. Just got back from Hollister after installing the Dyno-jet kit. Ran the bike with only the snorkel removed, pulled harder than before, and the throttle response was much better. I was having so much fun, I did'nt want to stop to remove the air box lid completely. So have to wait until next week to try totally uncorked. At this point I am very happy with the improvements as is, and was just wondering if I would actually see that much more with the air box lid totally removed, and if that may require larger main jet. Matt
  3. Hi all, just installed Dyno-jet kit on my 2001 KLX 300. Took her for a spin out back, and feels great. Throttle response is much better than with stock CA needle, feels more ridable. Bike has an E-series pipe, so as suggested I put the 128 main jet in, set the fuel screw at 2 1/2 turns out, but I only removed the snorkel from the air box, not the complete lid. What should I expect if I remove the lid completely? Thanks, Matt
  4. O.K. you guys that have been around awhile probably already know this. I put the carb back together with about 4 or 5 of the spring coils tied, and shimmed the CA non adjustable needle with a washer, maybe +- .030 higher. Put it back on the bike and just like Brewster said, little or no change, maybe does'nt even pull as hard, and still has minor hesitation coming off idle. I ordered a Dyno-jet kit, should be here Wed. Still going riding Mon. Thanks, Matt
  5. Thanks Brewster, what about cliping a couple of coils off the vacuum spring? I'm Just trying to find a little improvement, before next week. Matt
  6. I recently purchased a 2001 KLX 300 with White Bros. E-series pipe on it, previous owner stated the carb (stock CVK) had been jetted for the pipe. Bike runs very good at full throttle, but still has a slight hesitation at 1/8 to 1/4 throttle. I adjusted the air/fuel finished with screw out about 2 turns, that almost got it, but not quite, so I removed the carb. to check needle and jet sizes. This is what I found. 128 main jet, 35 pilot jet and N5AF non adjustable needle. From reading previous posts here, this sounds like stock CA jetting to me. I'm going to order either the Dynojet kit or at least the non CA needle. In the mean time if I clip a couple of coils off the vacuum spring and raise the needle with a small washer will I see any improvement? I'm going riding on Monday early and won't have time to get the Dynojet/needle kit installed until later next week. Thanks, Matt
  7. Bucked, thanks for the help, put a little heat to the bolt, and extracted the whole mess. The remaining hole in the tank is not too big, and I should be able to find some type of insert for it. Matt
  8. Thanks for the help. I found the pilot screw, on the bottom of the carb, the plug had already been drilled out. I warmed her up, opened the screw maybe 1/2 turn more, and now hits good off idle. I also removed 6 discs from the pipe. It is not so loud now, it had 13 discs installed, and was extremely loud. I'm not sure what that does to my current jetting, but seems to run better now. Matt
  9. Corey, I am having the same problem with my newly purchased 01 KLX 300. It seems the previous owner cross threaded one of the shroud/tank bolts, now when I try to remove the bolt, the base nut just turns with it. The shroud is off, but I need to get that bolt out. Did you have any luck with yours? Or does anybody know how that base nut is anchored? Or how deep it is inbedded in the tank? Thanks, Matt
  10. Cool, tomorrow is Sunday, I'm on it. Carb was suposedly jetted for the pipe from the dealer, when new in California, so not sure what to expect? Thanks, Matt
  11. Hi all, just bought a 2001 KLX 300 with a White Bros. pipe. It runs great other that a minor flat spot off idle, maybe 1/8 to 1/4 throttle. Any ideas? Thanks, Matt