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  1. jared3isdh

    It's all Black & White to me!

    Yeah, but the who wants the 1098 (base model) with small breaks and week suspension? I mean... If your going to buy a 1098... you might as well buy the "S". If your going to do it...do it right, I think Jcolborn has the right idea but the Monster in the back ground does fit the black and white. You had to have taken a piture of all three of them???
  2. jared3isdh

    Its dying on me???

    So I just rebuilt the top end on my yz250 (two-stroke). I took it out this weekend and everything started fine it ran great until I entered the high end of the powerband and all of a sudden it just died. Its like the electrical or plug just would quit firing because as soon as the bike would stop I would kick it and it would start up fine. So I ran the bike all day just as the powerband would hit. I took the carb apart to see if anything was stuck or loose and that part of the bike is fine. Any suggestions before I tear the whole thing apart. I'm guessing its the plug or electrical. Thanks
  3. jared3isdh

    pics of you in action!!!

    Nothing better than a slightly loamy corner in the desert sand!
  4. jared3isdh

    First cool photo of me riding

    Its a cool picture.... Although Dude, if your going to do a photo shoot for Dirt Rider or Motocross Magazine, Loose the Chestprotector!!! haha AND Unless or course your filming a shoot for Camelback. The mouth piece is a nice detail. Just kidding Dude, you rode well and this is a great shot. Your cameraman
  5. I run open desert stuff most of the time. My bike has a 13 front and and 46 rear. I want to get a bit more hit on the bottom. This weekend is the 6 hour at Glen Helen and would love some advise on the proper gearing. I need enough to feel strong but with high speeds. Although i don't need to go 80 like the desert. What do you think?
  6. jared3isdh

    06 YZ 450 and heating up!!!

    I'm in the desert area of southern California. Lucurne, Red Mtn. These are the main race areas. On a side note I totally understand the Q2 and sound. It is a loosing battle, thats why I ride 90% with the Q. Thanks
  7. So I have raced the bike a few times and there are two issues that I need to fix. 1. The bike "pops" when I back off the power. What jets to use or position of needle. I use a FMF power bomb and Q2. I plan on getting more open pipes for closed course but if no sound you bet I open the pipe up. What other FMF pipe should I put on it while were here. 2. I melted the barrell on Q2. The guys there said the bike is running too hot. What do you think? How do I cool the bike down a bit? Would the Jets be doing that?