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  1. When your truck hits 150,000 miles it will be tired and need to be replaced. Your brothers truck will just be getting broken in at 150,000 miles! In addition to the ability to pull much heavier loads, the longevity needs to be factored in when making a decision to go with a diesel.
  2. Joey G

    06 450x E start not working?

    JAT, Looks like your next purchase will need to be prescription goggles!
  3. Joey G

    Another JD Jetting Question (sorry)!

    I used the thick one. Noticed an improvement. I would recommend giving it a try.
  4. Joey G

    Tire Changing Stands

    Here is mine. It cost me about $3.00. It is a grease drum that I got from a truck service center. They gave it to me so that they did not have to pay to throw it away. They come with lube grease in them but they are lined with plastic so when they use up all the grease, you just pull the liner out and they are clean. The $3.00 cost was for a piece of fuel line that I purchased and then slit down the length and put on the edge of the drum to protect the wheel/spokes. It works great. When I am not using it to change tires, I use it as a trash can in my shop. I just put a trash bag in it. If I need to change a tire I pull out the trash bag and throw it away, I change the tire(s), then put in a new trash bag. That way it is not just taking up space when I am not using it.
  5. Joey G

    super happy !!!!!!!

    She is beautiful. I have an 8 month old little girl so I know your joy. I have accomplished much in life and I have many things. NONE OF THEM compare to the joy and love my daughter has bought to me. I would give up EVERYTHING I own for my little girl. I love her so much. Enjoy every minute of it. Love her like you have never loved before. Congratulations!
  6. Joey G

    GMC Serria Guage problem

    My 2004 Tahoe cluster crapped out. I had it replaced under the recall that has been mentioned her.
  7. Want a little advice/input from you Tahoe owners. I have the opportunity to buy a 2004 Tahoe. LT package, all the bells and whistles. 40,000 miles. Well maintained (I know the original (only) owner) and cared for. Basically in flawless shape inside and out. Are you happy with your Tahoe? Pros & Cons? What kind of MPG can I expect in town and Hwy. I am in CA. The price is $20,000. Do you think it is a good deal? Thanks for the help.
  8. Joey G

    Another Death at the Dunes

    The guy who died was a friend of mine. We went to high school together. The world is a little worse off due to his loss. He was a good man. God Bless You Duane. RIP
  9. Nice find Nick. Sweet truck and much easier to load bikes in that than in the back of my truck. Congratulations!
  10. Joey G

    Need A Hand.

    Here you go. This is for a 250x, but it is basically the same. Hope it helps. Don't be intimidated,it is not hard. Just take your time. Good luck. http://crfsonly.com/howto/crf250x/crf-valve-adjustment/crf250x-valve-adjustment.php
  11. Joey G

    Skid plates

    I didn't notice any handling changes. I did notice some sound changes. It took a little while to get used to some new/different sounds. I run a Works Connection full skid plate and couldn't be happier with the quality, fit, and protection it provides. http://www.worksconnection.com/store/product.html?prod_id=2525
  12. Joey G

    Anyone using the battery tender on their 450X ?

    I forgot to mention that I buy mine at Camping World. They seem to have the best price. http://www.campingworld.com/browse/skus/index.cfm/Outdoor-and-RV-Accessories/RV-Maintenance/RV-Electrical--Solar/BatteryMINDER-Plus/skunum=31590
  13. Joey G

    Anyone using the battery tender on their 450X ?

    I own 4 of these. Between my bikes, tractors, riding mower, & seldom used vehicle, I use them all. Love them, they work GREAT! http://www.vdcelectronics.com/batteryminder_12117.htm
  14. Joey G

    All you Dad's...

    Congratulations on the pending arrival of the little one! I will have an entire 2 months of experience before yours arrives. We are expecting our first child on May 6th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be a Dad. I guess I am lucky, my wife told me to start thinking about a bike for Jr. (we are not going to find out what we are having, it will be a surprise) before I even bought it up. She's a great woman!
  15. Joey G

    garmin turn by turn question

    You will want the "Garmin City Navigator" program. It gives you turn by turn directions, points of interest, etc. Makes it work just like a vehicle mounted system with the one exception already mentioned, no voice, it just beeps when you have a turn coming up.