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  1. Petcock has held fuel in the on position for a few nights now. The O ring in teh float valve seat is all crusty as is teh one sealing the float bowl. I assume these would be in a rebuild kit, but I can't find one at the TT store. Advice on searching?
  2. I'm back. The petcock holds fuel with no vacuum present. Can I rule it out? There's no obvious wear on the needle, just the slightest mark where it seats. Anything else I should check while I'm in the carb?
  3. OK, someone change the name of this thread to troubleshooting fuel problem. Man, even with fuel spitting out the exhaust valve, I still never would have guessed teh bike was hydrolocked. Good call! Carbs coming off for a rebuild ASAP. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Brilliant! Well, I've got the stator cover off so I'll lock tight those bolts now and then I'll pull the plug and see if anything's bent. Next step, fuel system. Thanks to all who've helped so far. Hopefully I'll be back with some good news.
  5. OK with bike in 5th, the motor turns fine, but with the pipe off it belched about a cup of gasoline out the exhaust valve. What the hell is going on here?
  6. Ha, Ha. This problem was intermitant for a while. Just clicks then she'd run fine, so I guess I assumed teh engine could spin.
  7. Starter is back and as some of you guessed that didn't fix teh problem. Upside? I can tear apart and diagnose my starter system now. I'm removing the stator/clutch cover now. any suggestions for removal. The magnets/alignment pins are really holding it on. Also, looks and smells like I've got gasoline in the oil!
  8. Yup, I always remember to mark parts or take photos the second I realize I have no idea how to put it all back together. And no, unfortunately the can fits nicely either way.
  9. Well, Noble when I opened it up all I found was some black powder and discoloration where the brushes contact the armature; both of which I cleaned up. When I put it back on the bike and heard it spin I figured I solved it. If you're right about it not being the starter (and you probably are considering no obvious probs found upon inspection) then when I flip the can around (thanks Eddie) it'll probably go back to just clicking again. I'll flip it tonight or tomorrow and post my results. Thanks so far for all the help.
  10. I didn't disassemble the brushes and there's only one way for the armature coil to slide in to make contact with the brushes. So do you know what part I could have backwards?.
  11. OK, I got the thing off, cleaned it up and reinstalled it. Now the starter spins (yeah!), but it sounds like it's not engaging the engine. The engine isn't cranking. Any ideas?
  12. OK, it's not the battery and it's not the relay. I'm pulling the starter motor to dissasemble and inspect. I've disconnected the top terminal and removed teh two bolts on the right side. Should teh motor just slip out? I've tried tapping on it lightly with a soft mallet, but it doesn't want to give. Any suggestions for removing the starter motor?
  13. I tried to jump start it with my truck battery and still just a single click. This would rule out the battery, right?
  14. My computer isn't refreshing this page right or something. Genbud and William's posts weren't up a second ago. I'll try measuring with the starter on.
  15. 135 cranking amps at 12.2 volts sound right for the battery? Please tell me I don't have to tear down the starter motor.