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  1. jzalabowski

    2005 Yamaha YZ 125 Fork compatibility

    Thanks for the reply. Went in and bought a pair of 2003 YZ125 forks revalved by race tech, as well as 03 triple clamps. The 03 lower triple clamp didn't work so I reused my 05 lower. 03 upper clamp worked good. Brakes and wheel mounted up fine.
  2. Building an 05 YZ144 and was wondering what forks would be compatible? Will buy triples if need be. Thanks, Josh
  3. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    Thanks David, however I addressed the leaking issue after letting the carb sit in cleaner for a full day and readjusting the float height. It no longer leaks at all, however the only way I can get the bike going is when I pull start it. I've literally done everything, It has 176PSI of compression, and when I got it started pulling it with my buddies truck it started very quickly, but idled very high uncontrollably (calmed a little when I turned off the choke), and the spark plug was white. I'm guessing I need to mess with the air screw a bit more, When I pulled it, it was 1 1/2 turns out. Still plenty of spark, the bike is getting gas, and obviously air now. Reeds are good. Compression is pretty good.
  4. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    We hooked up a rope and the bike was able to start when we pull started it, but it was pretty boggy on the gas, It still will not kick start. There was a mouse nest in the air box, but the air filter was perfectly intact thank god. I keep having to readjust the float, at first it will open and close properly, but after a few hours it starts to leak again. I am completely disassembling the carb and submerging the whole thing in cleaner. Another question, on the choke, I guess it is adjustable. Should it be completely closed, half closed, or open? How many turns out for the air screw?
  5. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    The bike is definitely getting gas, and is not leaking out of the overflow. It is getting spark. The reeds are good. Tipping the bike over didn't do much unfortunately. When I kick it over it doesn't sound like it's even trying.
  6. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    I will try that method again and see if it works. I took the reeds all apart and inspected everything. They are in good shape. I'm honestly not sure what he did, I think he basically removed the piece of ring and smoothed it out.Question for all of you: Is it possible that the float is now too lean and the bike isn't getting gas?
  7. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    Alright so I spent some time giving her some care in the shed since it was raining, cleaned everything on the bike and disassembled the carb again. I set the float height so the seams of the float are lined up with the base, where the carb and the float bowl meet. It no longer leaks gas, but it still won't start. I messed with the idle and air screw quite a bit but still no luck. I tried kicking the bike over a bunch with the plug out but only slight carbon residue was on the rag, no wetness/gas residue. Now here's what I find strange, the bike is pretty hard to kick all the way through in a smooth flow every few kicks, granted I broke my ankle a little while ago, but it's healed. I know for sure it isn't locked up, with the spark plug out it kicks all the way through clean. Checked for spark again and there's still plenty. I'm lost.
  8. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    Good advice, I will give it a try.
  9. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    Sorry for the late response, The float needle is new, i'm not sure how to go about replacing the seat, but I will do what it takes to get this thing going and plan on spending all day tomorrow doing so. Should I attempt to adjust the float height again prior to getting the gas out of the crank? I know for sure the old spark plug was black and drenched in gas, so this seems like a strong possibility.
  10. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    No luck, gas is still leaking when the gas valve is on and the bike is sitting up right.
  11. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    Ok thank you, I will give that a try.
  12. jzalabowski

    05 RM250, REFUSES to start

    Stupid me I bought this bike for cheap needing a top end, assuming I would replace that and all would be well. Put a new top end in, inspected the cylinder wall for scoring, crank for slop, head for damage (there was slight damage,) etc. Apparently one of the piston rings cracked and ended up gouged into the head. So I had a buddy of mine repair the head and to my surprise the cylinder wall was fine. I proceeded to reassemble everything as I have many times before with no problems. The bike refused to start. I ended up breaking my ankle soon after so the bike sat in the shed for a while. I went out there about 2 weeks ago to get the bike going and of course it was leaking gas out of the overflow. I completely rebuilt the carb last week and put it back in and it still leaked. So I removed it again and adjusted the float height to 6.5mm like it called for, but it still leaks. Bare in mind it has all new internal components and a correctly adjusted float. The bike refuses to start, I just put a new BR8 in as well, the bike is getting plenty of spark. I noticed when taking the gas tank off that the metal power valve bleeder nipple popped out of the hole, so I put gasket maker on the inner part of the piece to seal it. I have absolutely no idea what could get this thing going. I'm leaving for the Air Force in a few months and would love to get some seat time beforehand. Any possible insight would help immensely.
  13. jzalabowski

    08 kx250f oil pump

    hey guys, the oil pump sprocket chipped a piece off when i was putting a new clutch basket in, so I was wondering how exactly to get the sprocket out? Do i have to take the whole half of the case off along with the waterpump? Thanks!
  14. jzalabowski

    Advice on '08 YZ250F

    Wow i made the same exact transition as your son. I will say the yzf is a much better, well rounded bike.
  15. jzalabowski

    suspension fitments

    So i just went on ebay and found a shock being sold (supposedly) by Josh Hill's father. He said it was off his 05 yz250f, and they get a bunch of shocks every year, he said this one was sitting on the shelve for a while. My main question is simply whether its blown or not. It's a pretty good deal at $140 shipped, but i don't want to spend that if i don't have to. From what he said it sounds like the shock was not used much, but i wanna see what you guys think.