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  1. tonymillertnt

    1994 XR250 can't get to start

    Hey BR and T42....thank you for the quick and helpful turnaround on this! It gives me a whole new path to get this thing running. Tony (BTW - I knew I was going to violate protocol - just didn't know where or when! But your suggestion makes sense and your help is spot-on!)
  2. tonymillertnt

    1994 XR250 can't get to start

    Same basic questions, but variations!!...I am trying to get a friends bike started so he will get it out of my garage and go ride it! It is a sitter and I managed to get the bowl off (screw placement is demonic!) when I opened it, the bowl and jets were covered with green gum. Spent an hour cleaning it and the jets up as best I could. You guys know so much more than I do, so I am hoping you can help. (If there is a sticky, I apologize, but I don't do this every day!) Questions: There is a white plastic piece that goes in the main jet shaft and I don't remember if the small end was up or the big end up. What is it and what is the orientation? I put it in big end up since that is the only way I could load it and still be able to get the bowl on. There are four "screws" Main jet in the center.....Pilot jet to the side of the main....bowl drain screw... and a brass knurled screw on the outside toward the cylinder. Correct me where I am going wrong (other than trying this in the first place) Main jet screwed all the way until seated....pilot screw all the way in and then out 1 and 3/4 turns...drain screw seated all the way.... brass outside screw? No idea.... by the way...when I put it all back together....it started to pop a couple times, but nothing, except gas dripped regularly out of the overflow (?) drain tube. Your help is really appreciated.... TM in Centennial Co Oh yeah... this might matter...it is a stock 1997 XR250R (Keihin carb)
  3. tonymillertnt

    Denver area tuners

    Neil Hitchcock +4
  4. tonymillertnt

    PMI in Pueblo - Current Conditions?

    Hi there, Trying to get my 12yo newbies out this weekend and too much snow at Rampart (I think!) How do you get to PMI and where is the best place to park? I promise not to bring any trash! Thanks, Tony
  5. tonymillertnt

    Best Shop for Fork Maintence (CO Springs)

    +1 for Neil Hitchcock...he is the reason my bike still runs well. Gets it done when he says and it is done right. Set me up for Baja and I ran 800+ miles without a hiccup.
  6. tonymillertnt

    Southern New Mexico Riding?

    Thanks, guys....the target has now shifted to Laughlin - looks like a lot more open riding there. Cloudcroft is too high up - snow, but real deal is the guys want to do a little gambling. My bike is enough gambling for me..... But I appreciate the replys! TM
  7. tonymillertnt

    Southern New Mexico Riding?

    Knowing that I may incur much wrath, is there a places or places in southern NM that 4 older respectful mid level riders could ride for a few days in early March and cover some quality country? We rode 800 miles in Baja last March, but it is too dangerous down there right now. Looking for the same type of terrain [desert, fire roads, trails vs tracks] and hoping for no snow. We gotta get away from the grind, the kids, the wives for 3 or 4 days!!! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! [Other than "stay in your Colo igloos and leave us alone down here!!!"] Looking at Socorro/Alamogordo area. Thanks!! Tony
  8. tonymillertnt

    brake switch help

    Can you guys back up a little? I want to, as easily as possible, install a brake switch on my 07 WR450 - no stator work if possible. I am a mechanical dork, so simple is best! Is there a source? Thanks, Tony
  9. tonymillertnt

    Time for larger fuel tank.05 WR450

    Does the Acerbis 3.4 fit the "07 WR450's?
  10. tonymillertnt

    07 WR450 - Need Bigger Tank!

    At the risk of humiliation and scorn, I can't find the Forum's recommendation for a larger aftermarket tank. Can you sage advisors help me out? The "Parts Store" link doesn't list any 07 tanks. Thanks!
  11. tonymillertnt

    WR450 or the KTM 530 EXC???

    Hi Cade, Got an '07 WR450 at Vickery in July. Very nice...had the std mods done and had a little suspension work done. 3rd WR for me...I have ridden a KTM, [450EXC], felt comfortable, handled well, owner said it was back at Fay Myers quite a bit for wrench work. Plating was a breeze and they are reliable as hell...that was my tie-breaker. TM If the dealers won't let you ride one, contact me...
  12. tonymillertnt

    2007 WR450 Performance Mods

    Does a Power Now fix the problem? I used one on my 2003 and it kicked butt. Does it still work?