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  1. ryno 410

    te 410 carby problem?

    well i changed all the jets in the carb. went to a 20 in the pilot and 130 in the main and the needle 3rd from top and all seems good. i miss read the the main jet that was in the carb it was a 127.5 hard to see the numbers. still hav slight idle prob sumtimes. was told it could be the slide worn and it is so i,ll try that.. thanks for all your help guys...
  2. ryno 410

    te 410 carby problem?

    yeah i know its a big jump in jet sizes. i havnt had the bike long got it cheap and i,ve only riddn it around the block and it seemed fine apart from the idlin prob and hard to start when hot. and i pulled the plug after the short ride and the plug looked fine maybe a little rich but not bad. i,m goin to put the carb back to std jettin and wrk from that. i spoke to a husky dealer over east and he said check the carb slide for wear on the front is could explain the idle prob, checked and yes its worn.so i mite get a new slide for the carb or i,m thinkin a new carb???any help you can give me would be great....
  3. hi i have a problem with the flat side mikuni on my 97 te 410. the 1st prob is that when its idling it just picks up to a fast idle. 2nd its very hard to start when hot i have to hot in the decomp kick over about 6 times with the throttle open and then with no throttle it will start is this common?? i have checked for air leaks with crc and no air leaks. i checked the jetting in the carb to std and it is quite differant. std / in carb pilot 17.5 / 22.5 main 130 / 275 clip 3rd top / 5th top needle tube. p8 / p6 needle.9dzho6/50 / 9dzh6/50 iam in australia..i do think the main is ok cause the plug is a nice colour. its jut a starting prob. do i just get a new carb??amybe a round slide??
  4. ryno 410

    te 410 carby problem?

    pulled the carby off to check all the jet sizes and this is what a have their a lot different than std. std in carb pilot 17.5 22.5 main 130 275 clip 3rd top 5th top needle tube p8 p6 needle 9dzho6/50 9dzh6/50 anyone have any idea,s iam in australia. to me it still seems lean on the pilot but lookin at the std jets i dont know. do i just play with the pilol??? the main jet looks good on the plug it a nice colour..
  5. ryno 410

    te 410 carby problem?

    thanks i was thinking that..does anyone know the std jetting or had a simalar problem??? as far as the idle picking up on idle have done the crc thing to check for air leaks but nothing???
  6. ryno 410

    te 410 carby problem?

    hi can any one help me i have a 1997 te410 that running a flat slide mikuni. and the problems i,m havin are when the bike is idling it will jus pick up revs to a fast idle and then sometimes it will idle back down. and the second problem is that it so hard too start when its hot. i have to hold the decomp in kick the bike about six times with the throttle open and then it may start. oh and the choke doesnt seem too help hot or cold. could the jetting be out? and i,m looking for a work shop manual. can anyone help me????